Apple is set to launch 3 new health studies using data from the iPhone and Apple Watch. Here’s what they plan to investigate.

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Apple announced three new health studies during its annual event: a Women’s Health Study, Heart and Movement Study, and a Hearing Study, in partnership with academic and medical institutions.
The data will be collected from individual’s who choose to opt in to the data collection with their Apple Watch health data.
The new Apple Watch Series 5 was announced yesterday.
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Apple announced three new health studies during its annual product-launch event, as the tech giant emphasizes that its watch and phone can be healthcare tools.

Apple is launching a women’s health study, a heart and movement study, and a hearing study in partnership with academic and medical institutions. Data from Apple’s devices, ranging from how a person moves to how loud it is around them, will be used in the new studies.

Individuals can choose to opt into the studies and allow Apple to collect their data, using the Research app, which the company said will be available later this year. More details on the studies will be available when the studies launch later in the year, partners from the studies told Business Insider.

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The studies are a way to develop new medical insights from the millions of people who use Apple’s products. US consumer use of wearables such as Apple’s Watch jumped from 9% in 2014 to 33% in 2018, according to Accenture. And according to research from Business Insider Intelligence, more than 80% of consumers are willing to wear fitness technology.

The women’s health study will track menstrual cycles and gynecological conditions

The women’s health study will be conducted with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the NIH’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The goal is to create a longterm study focused on menstrual cycles and gynecological conditions. The focus of the study is help with screenings and assessments for conditions like infertility, osteoperosis and pregnancy.

“Women’s health in general, from basic physiology to the specificity of menstrual cycle characteristics, is understudied,” said Shruthi Mahalingaiah, an assistant professor at Boston University for environmental reproductive and women’s health. “I’m excited to participate in a study of this scale and scope to fill the existing gap with the data and to look at areas of need, preventive measures, advancing health and moving forward possibly even with therapeutics.”

Mahalingaiah also noted the importance of the study’s potential reach, as anyone can participate, allowing for a larger and more diverse set of participants.

The hearing study will focus on noise exposure over time

In the hearing study Apple with work with researchers at the University of Michigan to evaluate individuals’ exposure to sound over time to see if it will affect their hearing. The study will be shared with the World Health Organization as a contribution towards the Make Listening Safe Initiative, Apple said.

“The information gleaned from this partnership will be critical …read more

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