Meet the non-profit program helping young people from underserved communities land tech jobs at places like Bank of America

Bank of America

NPower is a non-profit organization that trains military veterans and young adults in underserved communities for careers in technology.
The program is based across eight different regions in the US and Canada and serves 1,400 students annual via a 16-week classroom program and a paid internship.
David Reilly, who leads global banking and markets, enterprise risk and finance technology
and core technology infrastructure at Bank of America, serves as board chair for NPower. Reilly did not attend college.
Reilly said the program serves as a great way for organizations to fill entry-level technology positions, which continue to grow, from a pool of talent that is diverse.
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Carolina Ferreira doesn’t fit the traditional profile of a Wall Street employee.

Having left high school at 17 and with no college education, Ferreira’s initial understanding of white-collar jobs came mostly from television shows like Suits. It wasn’t that Ferreira had a tough time believing she’d ever work in finance. It wasn’t even a consideration.

“I never had any exposure to the corporate world. Not even like by third-hand by my parents or family members,” said Ferreira, who parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic. “It was just nothing I’ve ever seen. So just nothing I could ever imagine for myself.”

And yet, Ferreira did just that. After going back to high school at 20 to get her diploma, Ferreira enrolled in NPower, a non-profit that trains military veterans and young adults from underserved communities for careers in tech. Through NPower, Ferreira landed an internship at Bank of America in 2017 working as a technical support analyst for the bank’s FICC trading floor.

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It was quite the introduction to finance for Ferreira, who was tasked with ensuring the information flow between salespeople and traders on complex transactions was seamless.

“It was insanely overwhelming,” said Ferreira of her first day on the job. “I had nervous sweats for half the day.”

Nerves aside, Ferreira excelled, and enjoyed, her new role. She was offered work as a contractor after her internship ended, and then eventually a full-time position working with the commodity trading floor.

Ferreira’s experience is just one of the many success stories to come out of NPower.

Founded in 1999, NPower runs programs out of eight regions in the US and Canada, serving roughly 1,400 students annually, Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO of NPower, told Business Insider. Students receive 16 weeks of classroom instruction across a variety of tech topics and also participate in a paid internship that runs a minimum of seven weeks. The majority of students have no formal training in technology beforehand, and most either have little or no college education.

NPower says after completion of the program, which is free, about 80% of graduates either continue their education or get jobs.

“Our mission, I like to say at the highest …read more

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