This Amazon-backed startup puts a price tag on trees, eyeing a $200 billion market opportunity


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I’m still rehydrating after shedding a liter of tears last night while watching My Octopus Teacher. 

I touched an octopus once as a kid while diving off the coast of San Diego. It was a bad idea. (The lil guy got stressed out, inked, and then darted.) But boy, octopuses are so cool, and I’m a big fan of the doc — which, you know, makes me different than exactly no one. 

Anyway … this week in energy brought talks of a mega-merger, the year’s biggest solar IPO, and a new forecast for the future of oil. Let’s get to it! 

Amazon, Bill Gates, and Serena Williams bet on a unique startup that puts a price tag on trees

In a sense, trees already have a price tag — if you cut them down, you can sell them as timber. But you can also make money by leaving them in the ground.

Tell me more: Trees suck up carbon dioxide. In a world trying to decarbonize, people will pay for that service. 

There’s a formal market that values the CO2-removing potential of a given forest. 
The currency of that market is carbon credits. 
The more CO2 a forest absorbs, the more credits it generates. 

A big opportunity …  The market for carbon credits is soaring as more and more companies make net-zero pledges. 

  Aramark informs Colorado it will lay off 975 workers, most at Coors Field

Analysts estimate it will hit $200 billion by 2050, up from a mere $600 million last year. 

… and one that does not elude investors. Amazon is among the high-profile funders backing the startup Pachama, which runs a marketplace where companies can buy these credits. 

This week, we took a closer look at Pachama and the market opportunity. Three scientists we talked to complicated the story. 

The year’s biggest solar IPO is a company you’ve probably never heard of 

Solar is the nerdy kid in high school who turned popular in college. And it got a major ego boost Tuesday when the head of the International Energy Agency said solar is “becoming the new king of the world’s electricity markets.”

Yet a major solar IPO this week largely flew under the radar. 

The news: On Thursday, solar hardware provider Array Technologies debuted on the Nasdaq under the ticker ARRY. 

It was a hugely successful IPO and expected to be the largest this year.  
The company’s share price was up two thirds by market close on Thursday.  
Array’s market value reached nearly $5 billion Friday morning. 

Who is she? Array sells what are called solar trackers, a conceptually simple technology that allows the face of a solar panel to move with the sun and thus absorb more energy. (It’s like when you’re tanning on the beach and rotate your body to get maximum exposure as the sun changes position. Anyone?)

Trackers allow panels to …read more

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