10 Best Shows to Watch in August 2022

Darren Barnet and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Paxton and Devi in 'Never Have I Ever,' one of our best shows to watch in August 2022. They're sitting at the foot of a bed together and looking at one another.
Darren Barnet and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in ‘Never Have I Ever’ | Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix

Looking for something lighter than The Sandman and Locke and Key to watch on Netflix? Never Have I Ever is often considered one of the streamer’s best teen shows, and it returns in August 2022. Never Have I Ever Season 3 will see Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) navigating her new relationship — and the one she gave up in order to get here.

The just-released trailer for Never Have I Ever Season 3 promises more humor and heart from the next outing. There’s no better way to end the summer, so make sure to add Devi’s next adventure to your to-watch list. 

Never Have I Ever returns for season 3 on Aug. 12, 2022. 

‘Better Call Saul’ – AMC

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Better Call Saul Season 6 premiered back in April, but the Breaking Bad prequel is approaching its series finale – and its remaining three episodes promise to bring the show out with a bang. The final season has delivered plenty of twists and turns, and all that’s left is to reveal what becomes of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) after the events of Breaking Bad.

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It’s hard to believe it’s already August, but 2022 has flown by. That could be attributed to all the amazing television that’s come out this year — and we can expect more of it in August. From new series like The Sandman and House of the Dragon to continuing hits like Better Call Saul, there’s no shortage of content to dive into. Here are the best shows to watch in August 2022. 

‘The Sandman’ – Netflix
Tom Sturridge and Kyo Ra in ‘The Sandman’ | Liam Daniel/Netflix

One of Netflix’s most-anticipated new shows of 2022, The Sandman makes its debut this August. And this adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith’s comics looks every bit as fantastic as fans had hoped. 

Following the Lord of Dreams (Tom Sturridge), the series will take viewers on a journey to restore the character’s realm. After Dream spends nearly a century in captivity, his home is in poor shape. He sets out to right his wrongs and locate his old companions. His adventure is dark and thrilling, something that will no doubt appeal to fantasy fans of all kinds.

The Sandman debuts on Netflix on Aug. 5, 2022. 

‘House of the Dragon’ – HBO
Olivia Cooke and Rhys Ifans in ‘House of the Dragon’ | Ollie Upton/HBO

Game of Thrones fans have been without content for too long, but that changes this summer. House of the Dragon premieres on HBO in August 2022, and it could become one of the best shows of the year. Although the original series left fans feeling mixed, this new war for the Iron Throne may be exactly what they need to fall in love with this franchise again. 

Set 200 years before Daenerys’ quest for the throne, House of the Dragon will follow her ancestors. Specifically, it will cover the Dance of Dragons, a Targaryen civil war over who would ascend after King Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine). Judging by the trailer, the prequel will have all the action and political intrigue of the original show — and plenty of dragons, too!

House of the Dragon premieres on HBO and HBO Max on Aug. 21, 2022.

‘Locke and Key’ – Netflix

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With its focus on the supernatural, Locke and Key feels more like a Halloween season watch than a summer one. But Locke and Key Season 3 debuts in August 2022, and we’re certainly not missing out on the show’s final run.

Season 3 will serve as Locke and Key’s series finale, so there will be plenty of emotional moments and questions to answer before it’s through. The Lockes ended season 2 feeling bittersweet about their experiences with Keyhouse. They’ll have to put that aside as they embark on one last adventure there, which could raise the stakes even higher than before. 

Locke and Key Season 3 hits Netflix on …read more

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