8 Shows Canceled in 2022 So Far

Dan Bakkedahl and Steve Carell in Netflix's 'Space Force' show, which was canceled in 2022. The two are shaking hands.
Dan Bakkedahl and Steve Carell in ‘Space Force’ | Aaron Epstein/Netflix

Space Force was meant to be one of Netflix’s next big hits, but the Steve Carell series never quite took off like the streamer expected. After its season 2 premiere back in February, Space Force joined Netflix’s lineup of canceled shows for 2022.

Those who watch a lot of television are no doubt used to canceled shows, but that doesn’t make the pain of a cancellation any easier. And 2022 has seen plenty of popular series axed — from The CW’s Batwoman to Netflix’s Space Force. Some cancellations were expected, while others came as a blow to viewers. These eight shows were canceled in 2022, forcing fans to say goodbye too soon.

‘Archive 81’ – Netflix

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Archive 81 had a lot of promise, boasting a premise that would no doubt catch the eye of science-fiction and horror fans alike. However, that didn’t prove enough to keep it in Netflix’s good graces. Back in March, Variety reported that the eight-episode show would not receive a second season. No specific reason was given for the cancellation, but it’s likely that Archive 81‘s viewership numbers didn’t live up to Netflix’s expectations.

In the first (and only) season of Archive 81, archivist Dan (Mamoudou Athie) attempts to restore video footage from a documentary whose creator has gone missing. The filmmaker in question was investigating the strange happenings at an apartment building called the Visser. And Dan gets drawn into the mystery of Melody’s (Dina Shihabi) disappearance as the show continues. The whole thing makes for a thrilling ride, though it’s one that fans won’t get a sequel to.

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‘Batwoman’ – The CW
Javicia Leslie as Batwoman | Dean Buscher/The CW

After a lead change between seasons 1 and 2, The CW’s Batwoman finally found its footing in season 3. Naturally, fans were devastated when the network chose to cancel the series rather than move forward with Ryan Wilder’s (Javicia Leslie) story.

Batwoman is one of The CW’s many canceled shows from 2022, and it’s one that’s sparked a ton of controversy. A #SaveBatwoman movement cropped up almost immediately after its cancellation, with a Change.org petition accumulating thousands of signatures. Sadly, it does look like Ryan Wilder’s adventures in the Batsuit are at an end. But those looking to spend a little more time with her can check out DC’s Earth-Prime #1: Batwoman, which offers one more adventure with the character.

‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ – The CW

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Unlike Batwoman, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had a long run on The CW — seven seasons to be exact. That didn’t prevent it from joining the network’s canceled shows at the beginning of 2022. And it looks like fans won’t get a proper ending to the Arrowverse series, something that’s come as a blow to those who have kept up with it over the past decade.

The cancellations of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman even sparked fan movements demanding that HBO revive both shows as part of its DC lineup. Unfortunately, those calls have yet to be answered. It looks like …read more

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