90 Day Fiance Recap: Stephanie Davison is a Crazy B–ch, Ryan Says

Natalie mordovtseva you had such a long week

90 Day Fiance continues with Season 8, Episode 6.

We see Natalie and Mike adjusting to their new normal, but Natalie feels frustrated as an isolated “housewife.”

Rebecca is so excited to welcome Zied to America.

Unfortunately for her, she’ll be chaperoned.

Tarik introduces Hazel to his friends, but the most important introduction is between Hazel and his daughter.

Yara says goodbye to Jovi under less than ideal circumstances, then learns a lot about his past.

Andrew feels powerless to help Amira, and has to be the one to tell her father.

Stephanie is frustrated after Ryan ignores her calls. When he does talk to her, however, things get even worse.







1. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie has a lot of misgivings about things — her isolation in the woods, Mike’s lengthy commute to work and long hours, and the realities of rural life. But she is giving it her best show, insisting on doing the dishes when Mike tries to help on the grounds that he has had a long week.

2. She is also preparing breakfast

No french toast today — Natalie is chopping fruit for Mike, and peppering him with compliments for going on with her demands that he adjust his diet.

3. She loved the waterfall trip

To her, this was a gesture of Mike’s love for her, something that she seems uncertain of at other times.

4. But she is still uneasy

Natalie confesses that she still has not unpacked. Part of that is insecurity — Mike hasn’t given her the engagement ring yet. The other part is that she wants a place to put her clothes, and … well, they get into that in a bit.

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5. Breakfast goes well

Natalie had previously asked Mike if he would agree to modify his diet. Natalie rarely drinks alcohol and doesn’t eat meat (except for seafood), while Mike enjoys steak, wine, and beer. She wanted him to try her diet for a week at a time, and it looks like he has agreed.

6. Yikes

Natalie is from Ukraine, where the culture is clearly different, as it is considered extremely rude to tell others anything that they “need” to do to change their bodies in most of the US. Natalie says that she needs to gain weight and Mike needs to lose some. We’re not sure why in either case.

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