90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Yazan Tries to Silence Brittany

Brittany banks reflects on a bad arrival

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way continues with tears, culture clashes, and some genuine dealbreakers.

Biniyam gets excited for Ariela’s arrival.

Kenneth embarks upon his bittersweet journey, leaving his family behind in pursuit of love.

Tim and Melyza are finally introduced.

Deavan’s mom meets Jihoon’s mom, and they only seem to agree on one thing.

And we see the jaw-dropping, toxic aftermath of Yazan’s airport tantrum while Brittany wonders if she has made a huge mistake.

1. Brittany did not expect for things to be this bad

Upon her arrival, she hugged the production crew and revealed to them that she had brought a bottle of tequila. While alcohol is NOT illegal in Jordan and PDA is mostly just frowned upon unless it crosses the line, Yazan flipped out, yelling obscenities at Brittany. She had never seen this side of him before.

2. Yazan continued to berate her

Instead of chilling out and realizing that he had behaved inappropriately by flipping out at Brittany, he continued to do just that, trying to lecture her. In reality, he knew who she was, but suddenly felt faced with the fact that Brittany was never going to measure up to the lies that he had told his family (and himself) about her.

3. He demanded respect

Like any douchecanoe, he saw Brittany not changing herself to suit him as a personal insult.

4. But he immediately says that he doesn’t respect her

Yazan here is doing a great impression of countless bad parents, demanding unearned respect while refusing to treat another person like their own human being.

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5. Then, it got worse

When Brittany tries to explain to him why she is unhappy, he jabbers at her to be quiet, demanding her silence, and then flaps his hand in front of her face to silence her. I don’t care who you are or what your culture is, that is rude as heck.

6. Brittany was miserable

Filled with regret, she began to quietly cry as the man she loved treated her in ways that should be an instant dealbreaker for anyone.

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