Ameerah Jones Reacts to Alyssa’s Betrayal and Turner’s Anti-Bullying Speech

The 3rd 7 days of Massive Brother 24 concerned house drama and a blindside. Ameerah Jones talked to Showbiz Cheat Sheet on July 29 around Zoom to chat about how all of this arrived into participate in with her eviction.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on July 28, 2022.]

Ameerah Jones on the biggest mistake in her activity
Ameerah Jones and Jasmine Davis on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Legal rights Reserved. Highest good quality screengrab readily available.

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This week Matt “Turner” Turner won Head of House (HOH). He joined The Leftovers alliance, and they arrived up with the prepare to evict Ameerah Jones. They had been profitable. She opened up about the get started of her sport.

Q: Due to the fact your alliance started off as the Girls’ Ladies and girls’ alliances, there is commonly the pitfall of a person rats out. So easy to understand that the girls were sussing out who that probably could be. Landed on Taylor since she was not speaking so a great deal in the starting. But as time went on I was wondering, other women of all ages started off getting incredibly near with the other males in the residence. And it was pretty appealing to see how the exact sort of interrogation of who could perhaps then be additional faithful to gentlemen did not definitely appear up. I’m especially talking about Alyssa and her crush on Kyle. In the conclude, she truly truly did give up everyone’s activity to Kyle, which led to the back door. So can you communicate a minor bit about that? 

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Ameerah: So the purpose for that is due to the fact [Taylor and Nicole] have been definitely they have been hanging out with the guys from the 1st day. The pretty 1st night, even though all the girls had been in the again kiki-ing haha-ing. And they ended up just, you know, with the guys and ‘We’re like, oh, my gosh. Like, these are the girls that are–‘ since there’s usually like the women that align with the fellas based on other seasons. Like there’s some that just adhere with them and like we’re like, alright, these are the ladies are gonna adhere with them. Like, let’s just sort our alliance. And which is how it all started off. 

As time went by, I know you described Alyssa, but I was actually additional anxious about Indy becoming near to Monte and Joseph that I was extremely concerned of that. And so I just begun checking it. And at a single level, I was like, We obtained to get Indy out of listed here. So I do not know. I was like, Indy is on my list. I’m prepared to get out here result in I did not have …read more

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