Aqua’s Hit Song ‘Barbie Girl’ Was Once the Heart of a Big Lawsuit


In 1997, Danish dance-pop team Aqua introduced their hit one “Barbie Girl” from their debut album Aquarium. The music made them superstars almost overnight, as the tune slowly and gradually took around the globe. But inspite of the song’s enjoyment and bouncy materials, it still attracted controversy at the time of its launch — even sparking a significant-profile lawsuit in relations to the tune.

Danish pop band Aqua pose with each other in The Netherlands circa 2000. Still left to proper: Claus Norreen, Lene Nystrøm, René Dif and Søren Rasted | Michel Linssen/Redferns
‘Barbie Girl’ was a strike when it was produced in 1997

Aqua released their debut album Aquarium in March 1997, and introduced “Barbie Girl” as the album’s 3rd one two months later on. The song immediately became a smash strike, peaking at No. 7 on the Billboard Warm 100 chart in the US and promoting over 1 million copies. It remained at No. 1 on the Uk charts for months.

In the years given that “Barbie Girl”‘s release, the song has turn out to be an legendary section of pop society. out?v=GFehbO6ex0A” src=”” frameborder=”” let=”accelerometer autoplay clipboard-publish encrypted-media gyroscope image-in-photo” allowfullscreen>

‘Barbie Girl’ led to a lawsuit for Aqua

In the aftermath of “Barbie Girl”‘s results in 1997, toy organization Mattel submitted a lawsuit from MCA Documents, who distributed Aqua’s monitor in the US, for trademark infringement.

As a loved ones-friendly toy organization, Mattel was concerned that the track was ruining the healthful image associated with the Barbie doll, with lyrics that consist of “a promiscuous Barbie doll sing[ing] in a flirtatious tone” and a “licentious Ken doll answer[ing] ‘Kiss me here, contact me there.’” The fit also cited the song’s tunes video as unsafe, as it had a scene where by Ken (played by Aqua member René Dif) unintentionally pulled off Barbie (group member Lene Nystrøm)’s arm.

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MCA Data responded to the lawsuit claiming that the song was a parody secured by the To start with Modification. The label then filed a lawsuit for defamation against Mattel more than reviews that a Mattel spokesperson had made to the court docket throughout the lawsuit.

“Even if we identified the lyrics appropriate, we would be filing this suit because the song was released and dispersed devoid of our permission and certainly without the need of our notification,” the spokesperson reportedly explained. “They are referring to this track as upbeat and fun, and it is seriously our perception that illegal exploitation of a further company’s property for one’s very own business gain is neither upbeat or fun. It’s theft.” out?v=_RUnGblh-P4” src=”” frameborder=”” make it possible for=”accelerometer autoplay clipboard-create encrypted-media gyroscope photo-in-photo” allowfullscreen>

The courtroom dismissed equally sides’ statements

Eventually, the fuss in excess of the track was far too frivolous for the courtroom to even contemplate. The United States District Court docket in California dismissed each parties’ promises it declared that “Mattel’s statements were non-actionable hyperbole” and that the music is a parody, “poking enjoyable …read more

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