Becca Kufrin is Freezing Her Eggs: Look, I’m No Spring Chicken!

Becca Kufrin on Instagram

It has been a month and a half since Becca Kufrin finally confirmed her split from Garrett Yrigoyen.

Now, she’s opening up on her plans for the future … plans that include freezing her eggs.

This week, Becca Kufrin took to Instagram to share a significant life update with her followers.

“I am in the process of freezing my eggs,” the dazzling 30-year-old revealed to her followers.

“And,” she shared, “last night was the first night for the shots.”

Obviously, what Becca does with her reproductive organs and the gametes within is none of our business.

“But,” Becca explained, “I figure I want to document it and share it with you guys as much as I can.”

She has specific reasons for wanting to share insight into the process of harvesting and freezing her eggs for potential future use.

“I think it’s so important as women to know our bodies and our options,” Becca expressed to her followers.

“For me, I’m not old,” she said before acknowledging: “but I’m not a spring chicken.”

“And,” she added, “I want kids one day but not anytime soon and I figure why not do it now in quarantine?” 

Becca showed fans how she administers the shots into her abdomen.

“It’s really not so bad,” Becca assured her followers.

“It doesn’t hurt,” she claimed, “but the hard part is just actually pushing it through your skin.” 

“Yesterday in the second injection I gave myself it kind of popped under my skin,” Becca shared.

She explained: “Like the liquid popped out at once, I felt it like a little bubble and I almost passed out.”

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Becca then added: “We’re stronger than we think girls.”

For those wondering, the injections are designed to induce her body to release multiple eggs so that doctors can harvest them safely from her uterus.

Some who are giving up eggs, to donate or to freeze, experience pregnancy-like mood swings, while others find that it’s a fairly mild experience.

We wish Becca the best of luck and hope that she did not draw the hormonal short straw.

Becca became engaged to her season’s winner, Garrett Yrigoyen, in August of 2018.

Out of so many men, she picked Garrett … without knowing about the social media scandal that fans had uncovered.

See, it turns out that Garrett’s sense of humor is truly gruesome. He had “liked” some of the most hateful memes imaginable, things that targeted women, the transgender community, and even immigrant children.

Despite Garrett’s uncovered bigotry, Becca stuck with him.

This was a shock to many fans, who knew Becca to be a good person who devoted herself to positive causes.

Their engagement would go on to last about two years.

During the summer of 2020, however, Garrett opted to remind the world of exactly who he was.

After doing the bare minimum with regard to acknowledging the heroic Black Lives Matter protests in June, he then posted a lengthy and bizarre “blue lives matter” rant.

When Bekah Martinez called out his racist dogwhistle for the bootlicking nonsense that it was, he declared that she was no longer invited to …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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