Bloodhound, drone, part of massive effort to locate California couple’s missing golden retriever

Barb Moore feels like she’s lost her best friend.

For more than two weeks, Moore, of San Clemente, has been desperately searching for Bodie, a 12-year-old golden retriever missing since July 25.

“He’s just an amazing dog,” she said. “Everyone knows him more than me — they just know me as his owner.”

Moore and her daughter and her daughter’s two dogs were playing in the greenbelt behind Moore’s Talega home in the Verona community when Bodie ran off into nearby bushes. Moore wasn’t that concerned at first, she said. He’d done it before and always returned. So she ran into the house, grabbed her tennis shoes and his leash and circled around to find him in the spot he always came out.

This time, though, he didn’t.

Since then, it’s been an all-out effort to locate Bodie, a group effort that has included a drone and a bloodhound.

Moore began canvassing the neighborhood immediately. Her husband, Lance Moore, and her daughter, Megan Monticone, drove through Talega searching for the dog. Neighbors came out to help. But by the next morning, Bodie still was nowhere to be found.

In the days since, posts on social media have been shared hundreds of times; Southern California golden retriever rescue groups have gotten involved as has actress Denise Richards. A GoFundMe account has raised more than $800 to help with search efforts.

“Bodie is such a beautiful dog,” said Joanne Locke, a neighbor who with her sister, Laura Mollon, has taken over the social media campaign. “He’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever met. Dogs can be walking by barking at him and you can just imagine Bodie doing an eye roll.”

Locke has been working Facebook and Instagram nine hours a day since Bodie went missing. She’s received many responses of support but nothing in the way of a clue about where Bodie might be.

She is hopeful, that like Nala, a lost senior French bulldog that went missing in Garden Grove, Bodie will be found. In Nala’s case, a post by Thi Lam on Facebook generated 2,200 views and was shared more than 5,600 times. Days later, Lam and his wife had their dog back after offering a $5,000 reward.

The Moores said they also plan to offer a reward.

Hundreds of fliers — with photos of the dark-red dog and his gray face — have been placed throughout San Clemente. Bodie also has other distinguishing features. Recently, he underwent surgery for anal cancer and the right side of his body is shaved, as is part of his tail.

The Moores have contacted local animal shelters and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. They’ve scoured the downtown, Pier Bowl and stopped off at the homeless shelter in the city yard.

Bill Hayes, who operates 34 North Drones, flew the entire canyon and open space surrounding the Moores Talega community. Then on Saturday, Aug. 10, the Moores hired a bloodhound handler from Lancaster.

Penny, the bloodhound, was given a blanket from Bodie’s bed and some of his toys to learn his scent, tracking along the route Moore saw …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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