Brazilian Comic E book Artist Mary Cagnin Claims Netflix’s ‘1899’ Is ‘Identical’ to Her Unique Tale


Netflix recently introduced 1899, a new puzzle box display from the creators of Dark, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The series follows a team of immigrants heading to New York when they face a ship that went lacking 4 months before. Toss in some mysterious incidents, a creepy kid, and some unsettling backstories, and you have 1899. Nevertheless, a Brazilian comic ebook artist named Mary Cagnin has not too long ago appear forward with statements that Netflix stole the plot for 1899 from her comic, Black Silence.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series 1899.]

Netflix has not unveiled a assertion about the similarities among ‘1899’ and ‘Black Silence.’ | Cr. Netflix
What is ‘1899’ about?

It’s a simple dilemma, but we cannot warranty a uncomplicated remedy. 1899 on Netflix revolves about a team of passengers on a ship named the Kerberos as it travels to The usa from Europe. Through their journey, the ship arrives across an additional vessel that disappeared 4 months earlier, termed the Prometheus. Both of those ships belong to the same company, but most considered the Prometheus was dropped at sea. When the captain, the crew, and some travellers determine to look into the Prometheus, they find no one aboard besides for 1 small boy. 1899’s full-size trailer gives off some serious Ghost Ship vibes. However, realizing Odar and Friese are behind it indicates not everything is as it appears to be.

1899 takes advantage of a good deal of symbolism through all 8 episodes. The upside-down triangle is demonstrated the most, and viewers capture glimpses of the symbol in everything from garments to jewelry. Every single episode focuses on the backstory of a distinctive passenger. That passenger, in individual, commences off the episode by hearing a voice say, “Wake up.” When they open up their eyes, audiences see their pupils are shaped like an upside-down triangle.

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Comedian e book artist Mary Cagnin phone calls ‘1899’ ‘identical’ to her story ‘Black Silence’

In excess of the Nov. 19, 2022, weekend, Cagnin posted on Twitter declaring that Netflix, alongside with Friese and Odar, employed a plot which is startingly similar to her first concept. Cagnin posted her comedian, Black Silence, in 2016, extensive in advance of 1899 was announced.

Cagnin’s tweet thread, translated from Portuguese to English using Twitter’s translation services, says, “I’M IN SHOCK. The working day [sic] I located out that the 1899 sequence is just Similar to my comic Black Silence, released in 2016.” She continues in a thread, “It’s all there: The Black Pyramid. The deaths within the ship/ship. The multinational crew. The apparently strange and unexplained factors. The symbols in the eyes and, when they look, codes prepared. The voices contacting to them. Refined plot facts, this kind of as the characters’ personal dramas, such as their …read more

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