Brittany Banks: I’m Not a Fool for Moving to Jordan, Yazan LIED to Me!

Yazan abo horira and brittany banks deleted photo

The return of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 is nearly upon us.

That will mean a lot, including diving back into Brittany Banks and her contentious relationship with Yazan Abo Horira and his family.

Fans continue to have a lot of questions.

Why would she go to a country that (fans seem to believe) outlaws all of her favorite things?

Why didn’t she just get a divorce years ago and spare herself this headache now?

Why all of the lies? Why didn’t she expect Yazan to act like he has and issue the ultimatums that he has?

Brittany is answering all of that and more:

1. Brittany and Yazan have their share of issues

Brittany is speaking up to correct people who think that she just blindly moved to another country. But before we get to her series of comments, here is a brief recap of her struggles with Yazan and his family in the first half of Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

2. Things aren’t quite what people assume

Contrary to what a sizable number of 90 Day Fiance fans have decided to believe, alcohol is legal in Jordan. There are bars in cities. Some restaurants serve it. Public intoxication is discouraged but that’s about it. And yes, as you can see in this photo, Brittany and Yazan can have fun in Jordan while wearing very little. There are Instagram influencers in Jordan, too — which is how Yazan’s conservative parents know about them.

3. But …

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At times, Brittany has been straight-up not having a good time. Some fans have mocked her suffering, saying that she “should have known” before moving there. Some viewers have spouted straight-up ignorance about Jordan, Islam, and more in an almost gleeful game of “gotcha.”

4. But if it’s not Brittany or Jordan at fault …?

That first night showed us who the cause of Brittany’s repeated frustration, tears, and misery in Jordan was. Yazan yelled at her, screamed obscenities at her, and straight up told her that he did not respect her. Why? She brought a bottle of liquor, which is legal, into the country, and she hugged a producer.

5. This moment was unforgettable

Yazan repeatedly trying to shush Brittany, saying “hallas, hallas, hallas” (meaning “enough” in Arabic), lives in our minds rent-free. Any amount of yelling or obscenities should probably be a dealbreaker for a relationship, but certainly this should. Many of us cannot imagine showing anyone who did this the time of day.

6. Even the next day

Yazan had the audacity to say “you were crazy” to Brittany, who had done nothing but arrive and then cry as she was being YELLED at by the man she planned to marry.

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