David Pascoe Delves Into Depression, Mental Health Struggles in Wake of Below Deck Firing

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Now it all makes more sense.

Now, following an episode of Below Deck Med on which viewers were surprised to see David Pascoe stand up for Lexi Wilson in the wake of her firing, it all makes a lot more sense.

Unfortunately for David Pascoe, that is.

“Worst case scenario is Lexi being in a very bad place after this,” Pascoe explained to the cameras. “I’ve been there. I’ve been in dark places, felt sh-t about myself.”

The Bravo star went on to reference a time he was prescribed meds and would “go to sleep for weeks” and then wake up in a hospital feeling “empty and scared.”

Of Wilson, Pascoe concluded on air:

“I’m just trying to say, even though she wasn’t a nice person to me, she is still a human being.”

Interesting and revealing, right?

Pascoe then shared a lengthy message on Instagram to elaborate on all he’s been through over the years.

“This isn’t easy for me to have written, nor to actually post but if it can help just one person in their own personal battle then it was all worth it,” wrote David as an opening to his post.

“I have to add that I am in a very good place right now. I am genuinely happy and for the first time in many years I truly feel in control of my future and know exactly who I am and where I want to be.

“Look out for your family, look out for your friends and even without knowing it, you could save a life.”

Out of respect for the Below Deck star and the importance of his message here, we’re just gonna go ahead and share it word-for word. We hope readers take it to heart…

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This is me, this is my story.

On a recently aired episode where I discussed a darker period of my life.

An episode is only so long and what was a good hour of discussion was broke down into a few moments of explanation, which I understand and can only, wholeheartedly thank the network for using this moment.

I want to use this moment to tell my story, explain what happened, describe my emotions because mental health important and depression is a silent killer, it should not be stigmatised and silenced but discussed and understood.

Everything happened a long time ago, I found myself waking up and cycling through 100 different emotions within the hour, from laughter to tears, smiles to cries and I couldn’t understand it nor comprehend it.

I made a decision to see professional help which, as it turns out, was to be sat in a soul-destroying office and asked questions to adhere to a checklist that would determine the state of my mental well-being.

Questions answered, boxes ticked and out the door I went with anti-depressants in hand that would, by some form or another, entirely eliminate my ‘down periods’ and keep me on a ‘level.

Questions answered, boxes ticked and out the door I went with anti-depressants in hand that would, by some form or another, entirely eliminate my ‘down …read more

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