Deleted Scene With Il-deung Was Vital in the Webtoon’s Finale

Hwang In-youp as Il-deung in 'The Sound of Magic' in relation to deleted scene.

The Seem of Magic K-drama is based mostly on a common webtoon from 2010. Longtime enthusiasts of the webtoon noticed the surprise and magic of the storyline appear to lifetime on display screen. When The Seem of Magic sticks to the source product just about seamlessly, lovers ended up dismayed when a finale scene in the webtoon was still left out even with getting been filmed and grew to become a deleted scene. The webtoon finale ongoing Il-deung’s tale.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Sound of Magic.]

Hwang In-youp as Il-deung in ‘The Sound of Magic’ | via Netflix
What occurs in the finale of ‘The Audio of Magic’ K-drama?

The K-drama finale reveals the authentic offender powering the thriller and crimes. The law enforcement accuse Ri-eul of the disappearance of a single of Ah-yi’s schoolmates. As very well as area muggings by a man in a magician’s cape. The investigation and Ri-eul’s tragic backstory have Ah-yi question if he is definitely a magician.

Ah-yi trusts Ri-eul additional than ever and understands his need not to grow to be an grownup in a damaged modern society. While the police are ready to consider him into custody, Ah-yi performs a single final trick and reassures Ri-eul that she believes in magic and him.

She can make him vanish into thin air, and admirers under no circumstances see him all over again. Supporters learn Il-deung dropped out of faculty following acknowledging he was living his lifestyle wrong. A long time later, Ah-yi is in college, usually takes care of her sister, and her father offers for them. But followers do not know what happened to Il-deung and Ah-yi performs magic tips for clients at a restaurant.

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While The Sound of Magic does not give an update on what occurred to Il-deung right after he leaves faculty, there is an unaired deleted scene based on the webtoon.

‘The Sound of Magic’ has a deleted scene from the webtoon exactly where Il-deung performs magic

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The K-drama mimics the first webtoon practically flawlessly, from the filming locations to some of the storyline’s most impactful scenes. The finale of The Audio of Magic is almost equivalent to the webtoon. Ah-yi grows older, writes letters to Ri-eul, and gets to be a component-time magician in honor of him. But the webtoon also continued Il-deung’s story that fans did not get to see in the K-drama.

The past time supporters observed Il-deung in The Sound of Magic was when he still left college to pursue his own path. But the webtoon ends his tale in another way. In accordance to webtoon, Ah-yi and Il-deung are still in touch with one a further, and he phone calls her to spend Xmas Eve alongside one another. Immediately after the connect with, a youthful lady drops her candy. Il-deung crouches down to complete a magic trick and can make the candy …read more

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