‘Dune’ Director Denis Villeneuve Used Around a 12 months Coming up with the Substantial Sandworms

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The hugely predicted release of Denis Villeneuve’s film Dune is practically right here. Sci-fi supporters all over the place are itching for the new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 masterpiece. David Lynch’s 1984 version of Dune was relatively underrated–many followers of the novel liked the attempt to provide it to the big display screen, but other individuals felt the movie was cheesy. 

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It is absolutely tough to carry these a intricate universe to the massive display, and in 1984, there ended up constraints to what filmmakers could do. Villeneuve genuinely wished to wow audiences with his model of the sandworms–a very important creature in the tale.

In accordance to Polygon, Frank Herbert used a lot of time when he initially made the critters when composing his novel. Villeneuve did his investigation as nicely. In point, he invested a calendar year creating the ideal way to bring these worms to lifestyle.

Producing big sandworms is not uncomplicated


Villeneuve went to excellent lengths to ensure that the entire Dune film is whole of sweeping visuals, and there was 1 aspect that he had to get just right. The huge sandworms–or Shai-Hulud–that inhabit the earth of Arrakis are central to the Dune story.

The natives of Arrakis–Fremen–view the sandworms as a symbol of their faith. For other individuals, the sandworms depict a considerably far more tangible asset. The sandworms are the supply of a substance recognized as “spice melange”, which is a single of the rarest commodities in the Dune universe.

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Intake of this spice has amazing benefits, these kinds of as an improved lifespan and the means to see into the previous and foreseeable future. The material is really addictive, and a symbol of wealth on Arrakis. So what does that have to do with the sandworms? A great deal, in fact.

The spice is located in the sandworms’ excrement. It is fashioned significantly beneath the floor exactly where it mixes with drinking water and then rises due to the intense heat. The selection method is challenging and demands the use of special equipment. It is also exceptionally dangerous since the machinery (and the people today in it) can be swallowed total by the sandworms. 

According to Slashfilm, Villeneuve spent an full year generating these critters. He pored over just about every facet of the creature

“We talked about just about every minor depth that would make this kind of a beast possible, from the texture of the pores and skin, to the way the mouth opens, to the system to take in its foods in the sand. It was a 12 months of do the job to design and style and to uncover the ideal form that seemed prehistoric enough.”

Villeneuve stated that he place so substantially operate into the sandworms since he would like persons to just take his movie severely. He might be …read more

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