EPEX Talks New EP ‘Prelude of Appreciate Chapter 1. Dog Love’


The K-pop team EPEX released their fourth EP Prelude of Like Chapter 1. Puppy dog Really like on Oct. 26. Prelude of Love Chapter 1. Puppy Like carries on the tale of the band’s 2021 EP Bipolar Pt.2: Prelude of Really like, and it explores the concept of slipping in enjoy for the to start with time.

Ahead of the mini-album dropped, Showbiz Cheat Sheet emailed members Would like, KEUM, MU, A-MIN, BAEKSEUNG, AYDEN, YEWANG, and JEFF some issues about the building of the new EP.

This job interview has been edited and condensed.

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‘Prelude of Really like Chapter 1. Puppy dog Love’ is EPEX’s fourth EP

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: You are about to release your fourth EP. How are you emotion about this accomplishment?

KEUM: The system of making ready the fourth mini-album was not uncomplicated, but as the supporters have despatched a great deal of like through the 2nd mini-album BIPOLAR Pt. 2: Prelude of Like, we worked difficult to present our enhancements by way of the new component of Prelude of Enjoy collection. Specifically because this album is the first album to be launched following our initially anniversary, we geared up this album with a fresh state of mind.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: What targets do you want to accomplish with Prelude of Enjoy Chapter 1. Puppy Really like?

AYDEN: We want to get very good final results by this album, but we also want to be identified for the teamwork in our performances. Also, we hope that when you hear text like “first love” and “freshness,” we hope you feel of this album and the tracks in it.

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JEFF: Foremost, we want to fulfill our enthusiasts in and out of Korea from this marketing. Since our debut, we haven’t experienced a very good opportunity to see our lovers in particular person, and we generally imagined it was unlucky. We will work hard to meet as quite a few supporters as achievable in different places!

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What ‘Prelude of Really like Chapter 1. Pet Love’ is about

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: This album tells the story of boys slipping in enjoy for the very first time. Why do you assume it is important to take a look at this issue subject with your new music?

YEWANG: EPEX’s tracks consist of not only messages from our universe story but also tales of people about our age. That’s why we believe it is vital to communicate about emotions that our peers can expertise and relate to!

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: Since this album centers around adore, what is something that you adore other than remaining a member of EPEX? Regardless of whether it’s a interest, a pet, or a attribute about yourself.

BAEKSEUNG: I like to devote time speaking or actively playing games with the members. No matter how fast paced we are, I cannot overlook the time with the associates!

YEWANG: …read more

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