Farrah Abraham Gives Daughter Giant Stack of Cash From the Tooth Fairy, Gets Roasted Online

Farrah abraham and sophia abraham

Farrah Abraham often attracts criticism for her parenting style, and with very good reason.

In fact, what Farrah does in relation to her daughter qualifies as “parenting” only by the loosest definition of the term.

Thoroughly devoted to being the cool mom, Farrah makes Amy Poehler’s character in Mean Girls look like a paragon of selfless responsibility.

Farrah has two goals in raising her … daughter Sophia, and neither of them has anything to do with the girl’s health, happiness, or education:

She wants Sophia to grow up to be just like her, and she wants to be her daughter’s very best friend.

And sometimes, the latter objective requires Farrah to slip Sophia a massive cash bribe.

Take a look:

1. Besties

Sophia often travels with Farrah on work trips and joins her at age-inappropriate red carpet events.

2. Beats the Alternative?

We guess it’s better than always leaving her kid at home when she travels … but not by much.

3. The Problem

You see, Farrah doesn’t bring Sophia along so that the two of them can engage in some mother-daughter bonding.

4. Stage Mom

No, her stated goal is to make Sophia internationally famous before she reaches the age of 10 — and she feels parading her on red carpets is a good way to boost the child’s visibility.

5. Two-Pronged Attack

Of course, that’s not Farrah’s only method bolstering her daughter’s career as a professional famous person.

6. Insta Princess

Sophia is also a staple on social media, where her age-inappropriate selfies often attract widespread criticism. Of course, Farrah is of the opinion that bad attention is better than no attention.

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