George Harrison Thought in ‘Self-Realization,’ Not Faith

George Harrison considered in “self-realization,” not faith. Opposite to popular perception, George hardly ever truly belonged to any spiritual corporation. He most popular to get factors of all spirituality to help him connect with his genuine self.

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George Harrison uncovered self-realization early on in his religious journey

In the mid-1960s, George took LSD, which he claimed opened his mind to God-consciousness. He learned a lot more about what that intended when he met his religious and musical expert, Ravi Shankar. Quickly, spiritualism was a lot more attention-grabbing to George than getting a Beatle.

In Raja-Yoga by Swami Vivekananda, Geoge read, “All folks possess innate and everlasting perfection… You are that which you look for. There is nothing at all to do but understand it.” Eventually, George did. He also discovered his non secular journey was not about any 1 religion.

His dad and mom raised him as a Catholic. However, as he figured out more about Hinduism and the Hare Krishna motion, he understood he could in no way actually sign up for them either. It was all about getting your legitimate self and getting self-realization.

During a 1967 job interview on The Frost Programme (per George Harrison on George Harrison: Interviews and Encounters), George discussed that you could see your true self by performing yoga and meditating.

“Because the point is, your real self isn’t on this amount yet again, it’s on a subtler amount,” George claimed. “So, whichever the real self is, the way to strategy it is through that meditation or some type of yoga.

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“Yoga incorporates heaps of unique methods, but the entire position is that every single soul is perhaps divine, and yoga is a procedure of manifesting that, to get there at that issue that is divine.”

That 12 months, George told Melody Maker (for each George Harrison on George Harrison), “You can only do it if you feel in it. Everyone is possibly divine. It’s just a make any difference of self-realisation prior to it will all materialize. The hippies are a great idea—love, flowers and that is great—but when you see the other half of it, it’s like just about anything.”

George considered in self-realization, not faith

The spiritual Beatle preferred self-realization. He did not like when individuals made use of the word religion instead. They ended up two distinctive issues in his head.

Throughout yet another interview with Melody Maker (for every George Harrison on George Harrison) in 1967, he explained, “I don’t like to use the phrase ‘religious’ but when you get into whatsoever that is, that scene, when you go by way of yoga and meditation it’s just … self-realization… Sure, which is the complete factor why folks have skipped God. They haven’t been capable to see God due to the fact he is concealed in on their own.

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