‘Glass Onion’ Director Rian Johnson Finds This Character’s Backstory ‘Uninteresting’

The Knives Out sequel Glass Onion arrived on Netflix at the end of 2022 to the delight of any individual who enjoys Agatha Christie-design murder mysteries and jokes at the expense of delusional billionaires. Daniel Craig’s preposterous southern detective Benoit Blanc returns to solve the criminal offense amid a cast of tangentially linked people on a Greek island. Blanc is the sole continual in the ongoing Knives Out franchise, but his prominence doesn’t suggest viewers get to study any far more about who he is when he’s not performing a case. 

That lack of info is intentional. In a the latest interview, writer and director Rian Johnson spelled out why he thinks it is most effective to depart Benoit’s own lifetime as blank and unexplored as possible. 

Rian Johnson does not see the level in exploring Benoit Blanc’s backstory

As Glass Onion sets the stage for its central story, we get our very first glimpse of Benoit Blanc’s everyday living at home. The movie is established all through the early phases of the pandemic, and the detective has resorted to taking part in Among Us through tub time to fulfill his require to look into. (What he lacks in mobility throughout this time, he extra than will make up for by owning a cooler Zoom lineup than any of us could visualize.) Johnson does not dwell on this second, and when speaking about the film for GQ, the filmmaker defined why his guide character’s backstory isn’t a little something he options on sketching out.

Johnson’s reasoning is that the detective really should not be the protagonist of a thriller motion picture and is much better employed as a “God-like figure who floats above it all, and who guides it and solves [the crime].” To get the viewers engrossed in the action and not dissecting the evidence on their own, the suspects have to be the most attention-grabbing part of the circumstance. 

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Johnson doesn’t totally adhere to this rule. The director revealed that Benoit is gay through a push meeting at the London Film Competition and 1 of Glass Onion’s lots of cameos displays that the detective is doing pretty nicely for himself romantically. But these are nevertheless just fragments, and as extensive as Johnson is building these movies, fragments are all we’ll get.  

“It’s entertaining to get minor glimpses of Benoit Blanc’s lifetime. It’s exciting to get a very little glimpse of his house existence in this film, but the concept of developing out the mythology of him, of discovering his backstory, of getting out where he came from? Entirely uninteresting I think,” he concludes.

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Rian Johnson attends an occasion promoting “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” I David M. Benett/WireImage

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