Hannah Brown to Luke Parker: Eff You, Pig!

Hannah brown flips off luke parker in hot and horny bachelorette

It’s Fantasy Suite Weeeeek!

So Hannah intones at the outset of the revealing Bachelorette preview featured here, in which she:

1. Kisses many men.

2. Is told by many men that they love her.

3. Totally and complete and finally puts Luke Parker in his sexist place.

The entire season has basically been building to this episode, as Parker has said on numerous occasions that Brown is essentially his and only his and that he gets angry any time she gets close to any other suitor and she best not have actually slept with any of these other suitors.

Seriously. The guy sucks so very much.

In the preview on this page, Jed – who is a cheater and also sucks! – tells Hannah that he wants the truth about her feelings for Luke and that he doesn’t “I think Luke needs to be an option any longer.”

Hannah looks pretty taken aback by this statement.

“Next week, I could potentially be getting down on a knee, asking my future wife to marry me,” Luke himself says at one point, prying to then saying to Brown over dinner:

“Let’s talk about sex. And let’s say you have had sex with one or more of these guys, I’d completely remove myself from this relationship.”

Ummm… excuse you, dude?!?

Thankfully, Hannah doesn’t let Luke get away with this nonsense.

After dealing with his possessive tendencies for far too long now, Hannah at last lets loose on Luke, telling him exactly what he can do with his boorish opinions.

“You don’t own me. You don’t get to decide what I can and can’t do,” she says to the early front-runner, prior to seemingly putting him in a car and then delivering this kicker:

I have had sex and, honestly, Jesus still loves me.


Hannah’s enjoyment of intercourse and the fact that she slept with some guy in a windmill has garnered a great deal of attention over the past few weeks.

A lot of this attention has unfortunately been negative, but at least some famous folks out there are standing up for The Bachelorette.

Does Hannah actually send Luke home?

You can find out now by visiting our section of The Bachelorette spoilers…

… and/or you can check out the teaser here just to get a taste of what’s on tap.

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