Here’s Random BTS Trivia That Would make No Perception to Non-ARMYs

South Korean boy band BTS backstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards

There are 7 performers in BTS, each of them getting on a diverse position within just the K-pop group. With about 7 many years given that their debut, supporters figured out lots of random, enjoyable info about these performers, including their favored colors, beloved meals, and even their nonsensical nicknames. 

Here’s some obscure BTS trivia for ARMYs. 

South Korean boy band BTS backstage in the course of the 61st Yearly GRAMMY Awards | John Shearer/Getty Visuals for The Recording AcademyV hates sneakers

V is one particular of the extra eccentric BTS customers. He is ambidextrous and can (rather) participate in the violin. This artist also hates wearing shoes and is often witnessed either barefoot or in sandals. The reason for this footwear decision is most very likely owing to his skin problem, “cholinergic urticaria” which can make him “itchy, itchy.” out?v=M9Uy0opVF3s

RM is also regarded by his nickname, ‘Porrnesian Parrapio’

There are a couple nicknames presented to these artists by fans. Jimin is “Baby Mochi,” whilst RM is the “God of Destruction.” Whilst this K-pop team frequented Hawaii, the users resolved to give on their own new names, according to a video clip. 

J-Hope adopted the name J-Dope. Jin named himself Bread Genie, and Jungkook said his name was Justin Seagull. J-Hope named Suga “Yeon Kimin.” Jimin claimed his identify was J-Transfer, as in “movement.” 

“That’s pretty tacky,” Suga explained of Jimin’s title, in accordance to a translation, to which the other associates laughed. RM named himself “Porrnesian Parrapio,” whatsoever that implies. Despite the fact that the title didn’t adhere, some enthusiasts nevertheless refer to the rapper by this nickname.

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Jungkook can (and has) correctly concluded the bottle cap challenge

He’s the “Golden Maknae” for a purpose. Jungkook is gifted at rather substantially anything he tries. That, apparently, contains the bottle cap challenge. Throughout a single Operate BTS, V, Jimin, and Jungkook tried their hand, or fairly, their foot, at the bottle cap obstacle. Jungkook was the only 1 who efficiently tackled the internet development.

Suga is slicing sugar and espresso from his diet 

Min Yoonji has “Suga” as his BTS phase title. Having said that, this artist was a huge enthusiast of espresso, especially iced Americanos. Having said that, during a new job interview with WIRED, the rapper shared that he’s truly seeking to cut back on his caffeine consumption.

Jungkook the moment dressed up as a carrot

Some admirers phone Jungkook “bunny.” He took this nickname to the up coming degree for the duration of BTS’ fourth MUSTER, dressing as a carrot mid-functionality. Months later, the BTS members reacted to the online video of Carrot Jungkook. 

“Why in the entire world is he a carrot,” Suga reported, in accordance to a translation from Esquire. Jimin additional, “Explain your self! Carrots never have any black in them.”

“No, I bought a punishment for losing, so they produced me do it,” Jungkook reported, creating a confront at the video clip.

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