HGTV’s ‘Unsellable Houses’ Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis Tease New VW, ‘Rock the Block’ Crossover – and Leslie Will get Hit With a Stick [Exclusive]

Leslie Davis & Lyndsay Lamb from 'Unsellable Houses' hold furry pillows and smile while staging a house

HGTV‘s Unsellable Homes Period 3 is heating up and Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis tease a new VW bus a Rock the Block crossover – and guess twin receives whacked with a adhere?

“This week you meet a new Volkswagon!” Lamb uncovered to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“Actually it has some nuts heritage to it,” Davis included. Davis and Lamb are known for pulling up to their positions in a VW bus and the loved ones has some really serious love for the quirky auto.

A new VW bus is released on ‘Unsellable Houses’ Season 3

Lamb and Davis have a real affinity for their VW bus lineage. “Over the yrs we have owned a number of VW buses,” Lamb told Hilary Winfield Fantastic Artwork. “Currently, my partner and I possess two, named Ginger and Olive. We have experienced Ginger for a 12 months and Olive for 6 months. We buy and promote them all of the time. I would not be astonished if we decide on up yet another 1 in the upcoming several months!”

Leslie Davis & Lyndsay Lamb | HGTV

“Both Olive and Ginger are in the demonstrate and our Blue bus (Helga) even appears in the initial episode and opening credits,” she included.

Leslie unintentionally gets hit with a stick on ‘Unsellable Houses’ Period 3

Davis explained to Showbiz Cheat Sheet that viewers really should also get ready for a tiny little bit of playful rigidity between the twins this year of Unsellable Properties. She recalled they come upon a stalemate over style and can not appear to an arrangement. “It was an episode, and I do not know if this produced it in where Leslie and I got into a bit of a …,” Davis gestures that the twins butt heads.

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Spherical and round they go, Davis mentioned. She and Lamb recalled that they probably took their dispute to social media. “I really do not know,” Lamb tried using to recall. “But it finished up with her hitting me with a adhere on accident!”

In her protection, Davis mentioned, “I did not mean to! I threw it and it just goes [makes a flying motion with her hands]. Growth!”

“Right throughout the encounter,” Lamb shared. “I’m confident that will make it!”

The sisters enjoy working alongside one another

The twins reported that although they often butt heads, they typically really do not have quite a few disputes and really like working together. “Out of everyone in the globe, I argue with her the the very least,” Davis stated about her sister.

“We will bicker, but it is far more like engage in bicker, you know?” she included. “We get questioned all the time, how do I copy this partnership? We’ve been associates considering the fact that my mother’s tummy. It is 40 decades of a partnership. I do not know that you can duplicate that. My spouse and I are 20 several years in and we’ll in …read more

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