How the Ships’ Names Kerberos and Prometheus Could possibly Play a Job in Knowledge the Netflix Mystery


Let us consider a speedy action back in time, a time before Netflix streaming existed. Let’s go all the way back again to September 2004, when Missing premiered, and men and women collectively shed their minds. The display turned the to start with of its kind and later on deemed a “puzzle box” or “mystery box” clearly show. Each and every week we sat down and prepared to come across a different clue to the overarching secret the display centered around. Quite a few sequence followed in the footsteps of Misplaced, but it’s a challenging style to hold likely. There is a great equilibrium involving supplying solutions and producing additional questions. Now, the creators of Dim (another puzzle box sequence) are bringing us another mystery to resolve with Netflix’s 1899, which hits Netflix on Nov. 17.

It is challenging to decipher any correct solutions from the teaser or the total-length trailer for 1899, but it did give us two names that we imagine could enjoy an essential function in the secret. Here’s what we know about 1899 and the ships’ names, the Kerberos and the Prometheus.

In ‘1899’ the ships’ names may well be a massive clue in the all round thriller | Netflix
In ‘1899’ the ship’s title Kerberos appears to be like a engage in on Cerberus

For these not acquainted with Greek mythology, a 3-headed dog named Cerberus guarded the underworld ruled by Hades. Cerberus was tasked with creating sure these who entered the underworld stayed there for eternity. He also experienced some monstrous brothers and sisters (for absence of a better word), like the Chimaera and the Hydra.

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If Cerberus built confident no one remaining the underworld, could this hint at anyone on the Kerberos viewing to make absolutely sure the lacking travellers of the abandoned ship, the Prometheus, really do not return to civilization? And if that is the situation, did all of the Prometheus’ passengers die and now exist in a type of “underworld” in 1899? With Cerberus’ role as a “watchdog,” we assume there’s a chance someone onboard the Kerberos is preserving an eye out for something vital. We just never know what nonetheless. at?v=p7OUQ9U2qIw

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Prometheus was a titan in Greek mythology

When we appeared into the names of each and every ship for 1899, it did not acquire us lengthy to study some appealing details about Prometheus. Brittanica describes Prometheus as “one of the Titans, the supreme trickster, and a god of fireplace. His intellectual side was emphasised by the evident meaning of his name, Forethinker. In prevalent perception he designed into a master craftsman, and in this relationship, he was linked with fire and the generation of mortals.”

The phrase “supreme trickster” instantly caught our eyes. Is another person or some thing tricking the passengers into believing they are someplace they’re not? We know Dark dealt with alternate timelines and …read more

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