Is Robyn Brown’s Nanny Really a Surrogate?

Robyn Brown sitting on a couch with Kody Brown talking on ‘Sister Wives’

Sister Wives enthusiasts have appear up with a principle that could modify every thing. Is it achievable that Robyn Brown’s nanny is really a surrogate? Could this be why Robyn and Kody have demanding coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations?

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC
Robyn reveals she has a nanny

On the Dec 26 episode of Sister Wives, Christine called out Kody for allowing for Robyn to have a nanny even though the rest of the family members has to socially distance themselves from every single other. It arrived as a shock to find out that Robyn experienced a nanny, as she and Kody have been extremely rigid with the coronavirus procedures for the family.

Kody advised the cameras, “Robyn and I have an personnel. We simply call her a nanny. She will come over, she allows with caring for the young children, and she assists with education the children.”

Christine asks the cameras, “What is the nanny and her partner performing that makes it so they can occur about? Induce when I’m house, I do accurately what I should really. Still my ladies can not see their siblings. What does the nanny do?”

‘Sister Wives’ enthusiasts have a theory that the nanny is actually Robyn’s Surrogate

There has been a lot of speculation from Sister Wives enthusiasts that there could be a new toddler in the household. Whilst some fans had theories that Robyn had a baby, the most up-to-date principle has to do with the nanny. at?v=slJTlmSPf7Q

One particular enthusiast speculated on Reddit, “Kody and Robyn’s ‘Nanny’ is truly their surrogate. That is why they are acting nuts about COVID. That is why they are getting financial loans out. That is why Gabe stated pregnancy. That is the straw that broke the camel’s again with Christine.

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The admirer ongoing, “Many females do surrogacy for extra revenue, and their husbands really don’t thoughts. Robyn required a brown-haired boy. Just a principle I am working on.”

Could this be a chance?

Whilst it is an interesting thought, is it a real probability? While most followers assume that this Sister Wives supporter principle is a bit “out there,” they do agree that one thing is heading on. One particular supporter commented, “I indicate, we can all see that anything weird is likely on. This is a wild theory, but some thing is up for sure.”

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

A single Reddit user thinks it’s a complete likelihood. They wrote, “I can absolutely feel it. I consider Robyn does not want to be expecting once more but normally go for a further rationale to hold on to Kody.”

A different Sister Wives lover wrote, “I really like this concept. It’s insane but entirely possible. She did slip in an job interview that she has ‘3 minor. I have little young children.‘”

Is it feasible that Robyn and Kody experienced a further baby by means of …read more

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