Jamie Lee Curtis Revealed Why She ‘Hated’ the ‘Halloween’ Flicks: ‘I Loathe Them’


Actor Jamie Lee Curtis built a name for herself by being Hollywood’s first scream queen. She shot to fame many thanks to her position in John Carpenter’s unique Halloween as Laurie Strode. She also lately served breathe new everyday living into the franchise by starring in David Gordon Green’s modern Halloween sequels.

But even though she’s usually been grateful for the franchise, this was in spite of the point that Curtis loathed them.

Jamie Lee Curtis did not imagine this ‘Halloween’ sequel was too excellent

Jamie Lee Curtis | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

2018’s Halloween isn’t the very first time Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her purpose in a modern day get of the sequel. The actor stepped into the footwear of Lauri Strode in 1998’s Halloween: H20. Though the film enjoyed some significant and financial achievement, it wasn’t a sequel Curtis was proud of. This was for the reason that John Carpenter and Halloween producer Debra Hill weren’t a component of the film.

“Initially, I desired it to be with John directing, Debra making. And that did not occur, for myriad good reasons. And John didn’t compose it, so then we experienced to hire a author, and then Debra had some thing else. By the finish of it, I was the only just one included with it,” she after informed Amusement Weekly.

This led to Halloween H20 not coming out at all like she originally meant. It was an consequence Curtis wished she could have taken back.

“Now, to this working day, I regret that I did not say to absolutely everyone, ‘If Debra Hill’s not the one particular developing this film, I’m not performing it.’ But what ended up occurring was, she wasn’t part of it, John wasn’t element of it, and I was continue to part of it, and it was a device likely down the highway,” she claimed.

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For the reason that of this, Curtis didn’t feel that H20 ever attained its entire opportunity.

“If you see that film, it is not a good movie, it’s a superior film, and that emotional intent is in the motion picture. But it was hardly ever what I hoped it would be for all these causes that ended up currently being matters that had been out of my manage,” she extra.

Why Jamie Lee Curtis stated she ‘hated’ the ‘Halloween’ motion pictures

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Obtaining into character for the Halloween films isn’t a complicated course of action for Curtis. As some may possibly know, Curtis isn’t a admirer of horror films, if only simply because she does not like currently being concerned. In spite of starring in the motion pictures, the Halloween franchise is no exception.

But in an interview with Silver, the actor stated that she channeled that hatred and fear into her Halloween performances. This was essential considering the fact that she did not look at herself properly trained in her craft.

“I scare very easily. I know it …read more

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