Jana Duggar: 5 Reasons to Think She’s Courting

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Jana Duggar may no longer be single and/or ready to mingle.

We know, right? You’ve heard this many times in the past.

But TLC is now airing a new season of Counting On and various videos, social media posts and general chatter around the Internet have fans believing it may truly be the case.

At last.

Why do we finally think Duggar is taking steps toward marriage? Scroll down to find out!

1. Wait, Jana Duggar is Not Courting?!?

The truly amazing question is really this: Jana Duggar is not married with kids?!? She’s not; married, a mother, or, as far as we know for certain yet, courting.

2. Sheesh. How Old is She?!?

29. That’s the first reason to believe she may finally be off the market. This is ANCIENT by Duggar standards.

3. By Comparison?

Jill Duggar is 27 years old and has two children.

4. Also By Comparison?

Joy-Anna Duggar is only 21 years old and she has a son already.

5. Okay, So the Pressure is Clearly on for Jana

By all accounts, she hasn’t given in to it just yet, but both the Internet and Duggar’s own family are clearly making an issue of her single status.

6. Reason #2

So here’s another reason to think Jana is courting at last: The rumor mill has been churning for months! Duggar was linked to four men in 2017 alone.

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