Jenelle Evans: Did She Just Share a Recording of David Eason Abusing His Daughter?!

Jenelle evans and david eason in 2020

Jenelle Evans makes bad choices.

It’s sort of her whole thing.

We’d be here forever, probably literally, listing every single one of those bad choices, so for now, let’s just focus on the YouTube series she’s been doing for the past few weeks.

A series from Jenelle Evans about her dealing with CPS … how did she ever think that would go over well?

It definitely hasn’t, but she just shared the final episode of the series.

And it contains one of the most heartbreaking recordings we’ve ever heard.

1. These Jerks

Have you been keeping up with Jenelle’s new YouTube series? If not, here’s a quick recap: the whole thing is just her crying about how traumatized she was when CPS thought that maybe it would be a good idea to take her kids away after her husband brutally killed her dog.

2. Remarkable

Really, she made an entire series about it. It really seems like she wanted to do it to clear her name and to defend David, but that is not what happened.

3. Impressive

Nope, what actually happened was that she and David just came off looking more delusional than ever.

4. Poor Maryssa

There were points where they made themselves look like monsters, too — for example, there was a part in the last episode where Jenelle actually made fun of Maryssa, David’s daughter from a previous relationship, for testifying against them.

5. Get Ready

And if you thought that was bad … well, you haven’t seen anything yet.

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6. Cool

This new video, which will be the last in this series, starts off kind of slow — it’s mostly just Jenelle and David bashing one of the CPS workers on the case. At one point David compares what CPS does to child trafficking, which is hilarious and horrifying all at the same time.

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