Jenelle Evans Gets Roasted For Increasingly Desperate Cash Grabs

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Believe it or not, it’s been three months since Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2.

For many fans, the reality that Evans is no longer a part of the show will only dawn on them when a new season premieres with Jade Cline in her place.

But it seems that for Jenelle, the truth of her sad situation is already hitting home.

The bad news is, she still appears to have several revenue streams available to her.

The good news is, they’re drying up rapidly.

Take a look:

1. Sponsored Content

Jenelle has hawked just about every type of product imaginable on her Instagram page. And she’s grown increasingly desperate since getting fired.

2. Clickbait

Evans’ most lucrative hustle these days is posting clickbait tabloid articles about her former castmates.

3. Mouths to Feed

We guess it’s not entirely Jenelle’s fault. After all, she has kids to raise and an unemplopyed husband. What’s she supposed to do, get a real job? Make David go to work?!

4. Editor’s Note:

(Before you go roasting us in the comments section, please note that we’re being sarcastic. Jenelle and David should both get real jobs ASAP.)

5. The Clock Is Ticking

Yes, the stakes are high, and the window of opportunity is narrow. Sure, right now Jenelle has a big enough social media following that she can rake in the bucks from sponsored posts — but that might not be the case for long.

6. Irons In the Fire

To her credit, Evans seems to realize this, which is why she and David are launching businesses like it’s going out of style these days.

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