Jill Duggar Receives All the Love and Support in Wake of Heart-Shattering Miscarriage

Jill Duggar Talkks Miscarriage

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to bring people together.

This appears to be the case for Jill Duggar.

The former Counting On cast member walked away from both reality television and most of her family members years ago, recently opening up about the estrangement from her parents in particular.

Jill has said in multiple interviews over the past few months that she and husband Derick Dillard could no longer stand the control Jim Bob and Michelle insisted on having over their lives.

But then Jill revealed on Monday that she just suffered a miscarriage.

“We recently found out that we were expecting our third baby,” Jill and Derick wrote to open a blog entry on their official website, referencing sons Israel and Samuel and adding:

“We were all thrilled! It was fun to see so much joy in the boys’ faces as we shared the news with them.

“They were full of questions and so excited as we talked about the pregnancy and how they would get to be involved along the way and after baby was born.”

However, Jill then continued, “a few days later we started miscarrying.”

Simply tragic and awful.

In the wake of this very sad admission, Jill has at least earned support from many of her siblings.

“Love you so much and my heart breaks for you,” wrote Jessa Duggar on Instagram, while Jinger chimed in as follows:

“Jill my heart aches for you all. Love you so much and praying for you, sis!”

Jill and Derick went on yesterday and said they the former wasn’t far enough along in her pregnancy for the couple to find out their baby’s gender.

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Still, though, they named the late child River Bliss Dillard.

“River Bliss was so loved. I love you Jill. My heart breaks for y’all. I’m so so sorry you are having to go through this. Praying for you all,” wrote Joy-Anna in response to the loss of life.

Cousin Amy Duggar added: “Love you so much and your sweet family. River would have been beautiful. Wrapping you in prayers.”

As for why Jill chose the aforementioned name?

“One meaning for River is “tranquil”…and here in Arkansas, rivers are often a serene, beautiful escape in nature,” wrote the spouses.

“We also like how the River talked about in the Bible (Rev. 22:1-5) represents God’s life-giving presence.

“The river of life (Holy Spirit), “flows from the throne of God,” and with the tree of life is “for the healing of the nations.”

The mother and father included on their website a video tribute to River Bliss, penning along with it:

Our baby doesn’t get to live here with us on earth, but is forever with the source of the river of life, in the presence of the Lord!

And we chose Bliss for a middle name because our baby is living in perfect bliss with the Lord and was such a gift that brought immense joy and happiness to us even though only with us here on earth for a short time.

To conclude their heart-shattering post, Derick and Jill quoted the following bible verse:

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