Jobson: The Cambridges ‘carry the heavy burden of making the Crown relevant’

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Royal commentator Robert Jobson is a foul man who hates the Duchess of Sussex. He wishes everything would go back to the good old days, when Harry was miserable and unmarried, and being used as a human shield to hide all of Prince William’s laziness, affairs and idiocy. Jobson repeatedly blamed Meghan for the whole of the Sussexit, and even went so far as to say that Meghan’s plan all along was to pick up a ginger prince and carry him off to America. He also claims that Meghan and Harry are dreadfully unpopular too, because why not. But now Jobson is feeling a bit bittersweet about everything. Two years have passed since Harry and Meghan announced their exit, and Jobson thinks it’s all terribly sad. Good thing that William and Kate will be just as popular as the Sussexes, huh?

“Two years on front the Sandringham summit the dust has settled over Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit as full time royals. So much has changed, but one thing is certain – the Sussexes’ departure has left the Monarchy in a worse position. Why? Because they were international stars, who shone a light on Britain and what is good about our country, our diversity and our humour.

“What followed were accusations of racism aimed at the royal family by the couple and more bitter recriminations. I travelled with the couple on the tours they did before they decided to abandon their jobs. As a country we benefitted from the afterglow as they toured Fiji, Tonga, Australia, and Morocco. And before Meghan, Harry was regarded as the most popular royal, whose work with AIDS and helping ex service personnel much lauded.

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“The bitterness that emerged during the South Africa tour and the legal wrangling that followed – only led them to a series of legal spats with the media, and inevitably attacks from both sides. The once cool couple, who were seen as energetic, youthful and fun, suddenly became pariahs. But I fear the monarchy, as we approach the soon-to-be 96-year-old Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, appears a tired institution, dated, in need of renovation, an uplift.”

“There had been talk that Charles was planning a cull of lesser royals and wanted to streamline The Firm when he is king. His thinking behind such a move was to make the institution more cost effective and perceived to be more efficient. Such a cull is no longer really needed with Harry and Meghan’s self-imposed exile and The Duke of York’s enforced absence from royal life due to ongoing sex case….So the streamlining has happened naturally. It means going forward, that the pressure will be increasingly on Charles and Camilla. But long term it will be William and his wife, Catherine, who will carry the heavy burden of making the Crown relevant… the Queen now relies more and more heavily upon her son Prince Charles and a grandson, Prince William to steer the ship of monarchy in …read more

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