Judy Norton Recalls ‘Beautiful Moment’ in ‘The Thanksgiving Story’

black and white photo of Olivia and John Walton embracing on 'The Waltons'
Michael Learned as Olivia Walton and Ralph Waite as John Walton on ‘The Waltons’ | CBS Photo Archive

Even though there’s by no means any question that

There is absolutely nothing like Thanksgiving on the mountain. More than its first 9-year operate on CBS, The Waltons aired many episodes that touched on the holiday break, but only just one entire-fledged Thanksgiving-targeted exclusive. The Waltons: The Thanksgiving Tale was a 2-hour, super-sized episode that saw the near-knit household dealing with different troubles primary up to the celebratory meal, which includes John-Boy’s (Richard Thomas) lifestyle-threatening head harm and a different family’s give to undertake Jason (Jon Walmsley). 

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The Thanksgiving Tale was filled with key moments. But a scene exactly where John Walton (Ralph Waite) and his wife Olivia (Michael Uncovered) get into a combat was significantly unforgettable for Mary Ellen Walton actor Judy Norton, she shared in a video clip posted to her YouTube channel.

Jason receives a position creating moonshine in ‘The Waltons: The Thanksgiving Story’
‘The Waltons’ | CBS Picture Archive

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Substantially of The Thanksgiving Tale focuses on John-Boy, who is ready for information about his application to the university when he suffers a head personal injury in a sawmill accident. He ends up in the clinic and has to have surgical treatment. That complicates his program to sit for an examination that could direct to a a lot-required scholarship that will permit him to continue his schooling. 

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In a subplot, Jason gets a career serving to the Baldwin sisters make their moonshine. They’re so taken with the boy that they provide to adopt him. John politely refuses, but the incident prospects to a conflict between him and Olivia, who is unaware that Jason has been doing work for the sisters.   

John and Oliva have a uncommon argument in this episode of ‘The Waltons’ 
Michael Learned as Olivia Walton and Ralph Waite as John Walton on ‘The Waltons’ | CBS Photo Archive

Even though there’s by no means any question that John and Olivia would permit one of their youngsters be adopted by a further family members, the incident with Jason even now sparks a disagreement concerning the pair. 

John and Olivia “didn’t fight a large amount on the present,” Norton mentioned in the 2021 video. But the exceptional instant of conflict in between the two assisted make an vital level, she spelled out.  

“I enjoy that it showed the realism that there’s going to be situations, in the very best of people, in the most loving of families, folks are not likely to get alongside,” Norton mentioned. “And in this circumstance, John and Olivia just see this from opposite sides. And she’s not prepared to give in and he’s seeking definitely challenging to get her to see the other stage. But he understands her details as properly. And they type of battle it out but also they both, because they really like each other so significantly, they obtain popular floor. …read more

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