K-Drama Cliffhanger Does Not Occur in the First Webtoon


Admirers are even now ready for formal information about Sweet Dwelling Season 2. The 2020 K-drama starring Music Kang is dependent on a well-known webtoon of the identical name. The initially year cliffhanger left room for the main people to return for a new time as lengthy as Music Kang reprises his purpose as Hyun-soo. But a second year may possibly have been in the guides all alongside, as the Sweet Residence webtoon does not have the identical ending as the K-drama.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Home webtoon.]

Hyun-soo and Ui-myeon in ‘Sweet Home’ K-drama | by way of Netflix
‘Sweet Home’ K-drama has Hyun-soo kidnapped by the leading villain

In the Netflix K-drama finale, Hyun-soo offers in to his whole monster facet that he has been preserving at bay. He does so to conserve the other tenants from Ui-myeon. The character was launched hiding amongst a team of mercenaries who he later betrays and kills. Ui-myeon is also a unique infected who is supposedly the sole survivor of a church. In reality, the Ui-myeon enthusiasts see is not the actual individual. He was contaminated by a slime-like monster.

When he meets Hyun-soo, he convinces him that monsters and humans are unable to co-exist. The authorities also distributed flyers providing refuge to any individual who turns in a particular infectee. Ui-myeon starts to believe the building tenants will transform in opposition to him and begins to destroy them.

Hyun-soo turns into his entire monster kind to save them from Ui-myeon and allow for them to escape to basic safety. In their combat, Ui-myeon makes use of his powers to dissolve into a slime sort and escapes. Hyun-soo turns himself in to the governing administration.

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But in the finale, Hyun-soo wakes up in a military services tank driven by Sang-Wook. Ui-myeon possesses his human body and kidnaped Hyun-soo to go on the run.

The webtoon ends on a unique take note in contrast to the ‘Sweet Home’ K-drama

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For fans of the unique webtoon, the Sweet Property K-drama ends on a cliffhanger that does not manifest in the unique story. In accordance to the story on Webtoon, Ui-myeon goes by the identify Eun-hyuk. But the ultimate struggle goes otherwise than what admirers see on display screen.

Hyun-soo becomes his total monster edition and Eun-hyuk transforms as effectively to cease him. But Eun-hyuk transforms into a major tentacled and out-handle monster that takes more than both of them and results in their fatalities. In the aftermath, the tentacles disintegrate and reveal two cacoons. One particular of them hatches to reveal Hyun-soo.

The webtoon tale has an epilogue the place the new Hyun-soo arrives at the armed forces facility exactly where the surviving tenants dwell. One particular of the characters calls for a single of the tenants who is pleased to see Hyun-soo …read more

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