Kate Hudson’s ex took his records when they split, left all his other stuff

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Kate Hudson was on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel promoting her role on Sia’s Music, which is being panned for having a neurotypical teenager play an autistic role. Sia has been rightfully criticized for that and she has responded poorly. Kate was asked about that controversy by Jimmy and she tried to respond diplomatically. Kate didn’t come down on Sia, but she wanted to let those communities know that she was listening. In the first part of her interview Kate talked about what she’s been doing in lockdown. She said she’s been listening to records after her family gave her a turntable she wanted for Christmas. My favorite part was when she said that her ex husband, Chris Robinson, left all his stuff in their shared home when they split except for his records. The way she describes their life together makes it sound like they were high a lot and hung out listening to records. That sounds kind of nice actually. I remember doing that a lot in college.

She loves listening to records
At Christmas I got back into vinyl. I always loved listening to records. For Christmas my family… got me a turnturntable. I used to have [crates of records] until we got divorced and then he took them. It’s complicated [whose they were]. It was the only thing he took. I was like ‘we should probably start getting our own places.’ He just went in, took his records and left everything else like his clothes. I was like ‘do you want your clothes?’ ‘Nope. nope.’ He just wanted all his records. I’ve slowly been recollecting.

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On if she’s worried about not being able to transition back to society
Yes. I love people so I have moments where I miss the connection. I miss going to a bar with a couple friends. I’m really not that extroverted. I like being at home. A dream night for me is two friends, an edible and a record player. So this little pod world is different.

The idea of sitting and listening to a record and hearing the storytelling aspect of it is the best. Chris and I used to sit and listen to records. We listened to the entire Jimmy Hendrix box set on vinyl.

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I have a friend whose boyfriend did the same thing except for his sneakers. They split up and he took his one favorite collection of things and left most of his clothes and other stuff. She had to move his crap to the garage to get him to pick up the rest of it. Did Kate just throw out Chris’s stuff? When I moved out of my ex’s I couldn’t move most of my stuff as it was overseas. He kept it for years and would take photos asking me what I wanted to keep. That was very kind of him and I’ll never forget it. We know that Kate gets along …read more

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