Kim Kardashian: Check Out My 40-Year-Old Boobs!

Kim Kardashian in Closet

When Kim Kardashian first arrived on the scene, she was just a Calabasas girl with a dream.

Equipped with nothing but a few famous connections, a sex tape with Ray J, and a figure that would forever alter mainstream beauty standards in America, Kim soon became a one-woman media empire.

These days, of course, Kim is also a family woman.

A mother of four, married (for now, at least) to a world-famous rapper [stifles laughing fit] and presidential candidate, Mrs. Kardashian-West seems to have it all.

Despite everything she’s achieved, it’s hard to believe that Kim is soon to be 40.

Some stars in her position might shy away from that fact.

They might ramp up the Botox and steer clear of any conversations about their upcoming birthday.

But not Kim.

No, she’s embracing the big 4-0 with a racy Instagram post in which she pops out of a cake, stripper-style, a clever eff you to the critics who initially dismissed her as a glorified sex worker and a flash in the pan.

The pics are part of a birthday-relaed promorional campaign for Kim’s line of cosmetics.

“In celebration of my 40th birthday, I am so excited to announce @kkwbeauty’s The Opalescent Collection, Launching at 10:46am on October 21st, the exact time and date I was born,” she wrote.

“Each product is housed in opalescent packaging to celebrate my birthstone, the opal. Featuring a 10-Pan Pressed Powder Palette, a new Opalescent Gloss, newly formulated Semi-Matte Liquid Lipsticks, and Lip Liners,” Kim continued.

“This collection is a combination of neutrals and pops of color suitable for everyday wear and glam nights out. I can’t wait for you guys to see how amazing these new products are! 

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A little bit of narcissism, a lot business savvy — it’s the classic Kardashian combo!

But it’s not all about making money for Kim.

As with everything she’s posted lately, the comments on Kim’s latest pic are flooded with demands for Kim to use her platform to call attention to the current situation in Armenia.

Kim is of Armenian descent, and the country is currently facing a historic humanitarian crisis amid attacks from Azerbaijian and Turkey.

“I’ve been speaking out about the current situation in Armenia and Artsakh and having conversations with so many others to bring further awareness to the crisis that we cannot allow to advance,” Kim recently wrote on Instagram.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the brave men, women and children,” she continued.

“I want everyone to remember that despite the distance that separates us, we are not limited by borders and we are one global Armenian nation together.”

Kim, of course, is no stranger to humanitarian efforts, having collaborated with President Trump to secure pardons for non-violent offenders serving life sentences on drug charges.

These days, in what little free time she has, Kim is working to become an attorney by interning at a San Francisco law firm.

We guess that’s the real to aging gracefully — make such productive use of your time that you don’t have time for regrets!

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Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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