Kristen Bell vows to stand by Dax Shepard: ‘He’s addicted to growth, to evolving’


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There are certain celebrities who are admired by people who only dabble in entertainment news, but don’t do deep dives like us. I’m thinking of celebrities like Brad Pitt, Duchess Kate, Johnny Depp and Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. If you only read articles about Dax and Kristen occasionally and don’t consume celebrity news every day, they’re kind of admirable. They talk about protecting their kids’ privacies and are vulnerable about their mental health and relationship problems. After following them for a few years you realize that they’re mainly about promotion and headlines. I’m thinking about that because of this nice, family-friendly story about Kristen standing by Dax after he admitted to a relapse following a motorcycle accident. Kristen and Dax will help a lot of families struggling with addiction, especially now. Of course they both need content and they seem to be saying just the right things, a skill they’ve honed from years of doing this.

Kristen spoke to her buddy, Ellen DeGeneres, who will be back hosting her talkshow next week because of course she will. People has an advance clip from that interview. Kristen said that she’s standing by Dax and that he’s “addicted to growth.”

In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bell, 40, speaks out about his relapse and how she and her husband are together moving forward.

“He is actually doing really great… Everybody is up against their own demons,” Bell tells DeGeneres, 62, via a Zoom interview in the clip, provided by EllenTube. “Sometimes it’s anxiety and depression. Sometimes it’s substance abuse.”

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Despite her husband’s slip, Bell is proud that he was honest about it.

“The thing I love most about Dax is … that he was able to tell me and tell us and say, ‘We need a different plan.’ We have a plan: if he has to take medication for any reason, I have to administer it. But he was like, ‘We need a stronger plan…’

“‘I was faltering,’ ” Bell recalls Shepard, 45, telling her. ” ‘I have to do some sort of emotional work to figure out why I wanted to use again.’ ”

Among the many things that Bell admires about Shepard is that he is “addicted to growth.”

“He’s addicted to evolving,” Bell continues. “He was like, ‘I don’t want to risk this family and I did, so let’s put new things in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again,’ ” Bell remembers her husband saying.

In addition to figuring out a new “plan,” Bell reveals that she and Shepard are “going back to therapy” and that she will continue to stand by his side. “I will continue to stand by him because he’s very, very worth it,” she adds.

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