Larissa Lima: Admitting She Misses Colt?

Larissa lima and colt johnson bathroom selfie

Less than a week after revealing that Colt stole money from her and deactivated her phone, is Larissa having a change of heart?

Because suddenly, over the weekend, Larissa’s Instagram underwent a change.

A bunch of old photos of her with Coltee reappeared as if they’d never been gone in the first place.

Is she waxing nostalgic about her time with her ex on 90 Day Fiance?

Or, as some fans believe, is this part of a cunning legal strategy?

We have another theory. Take a look at the photos and hear our take on it:

1. Look what’s suddenly cropped up

In January, Larissa Lima had purged her Instagram of all photos of Colt and everything from their time together. Now, more than half a dozen photos have suddenly resurfaced.

2. She even posted confessions of their love

“Do you love me?” Larissa asked Colt on their wedding day. He replied: “More than anything.” Silly filter or not, it was a sweet moment.

3. She included pics from a photoshoot

You may recognize their looks in these three photos — they are the same as in their official photo for TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

4. Larissa did not explain why the pics are back

For the matter, she never explained why she had purged them from Instagram — though we all sort of assumed that she just did not want to see Colt after their scary, violent breakup.

5. Has she changed her mind?

Maybe she’s softening her view of Colt despite everything, even if not all of these photos are as flattering to Coltee as they are to her.

6. Maybe it’s just a throwback to simpler times

She and Colt may have been in a toxic relationship, but they did enjoy themselves at times

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