Lauryn Hill Has a New Project in the Earning


Lauryn Hill is identified as a famous lyricist and rap icon in hip hop. Her storytelling has been lauded by her peers and people who’ve arrive up behind her. Now, she’s placing her storytelling capabilities to the take a look at in a distinctive way. Hill is lending her skills to a new documentary on the Baraka family members and the city of Newark, New Jersey. 

Lauryn Hill performs onstage through a “Queen & Slim” screening 2019 | Paras Griffin/Getty Photos

Lauryn Hill to make a documentary on the Baraka spouse and children

Hill has teamed up with screenwriter Oren Moverman on a new documentary on Newark’s distinguished Baraka loved ones. The documentary, Why Is We Us residents?, will explore the city’s battle with oppression by means of the lens of the Baraka family’s social activism, poetry, music, and politics.

Amiri Baraka was a popular playwright and poet who is credited with founding the Black Arts Motion (BAM) in 1965. The motion produced new cultural establishments and innovative messages of Black delight. Amina Baraka, a dancer, author, and group organizer, was by his facet as the matriarch of the household and the motion. 

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