Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio: It’s Over After 2 Years!

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio Have Had Enough

In October of 2019, Michael Jessen married Juliana Custodio.

90 Day Fiance filmed the happy couple as his ex-wife officiated the ceremony.

The pair were a fan-favorite despite their age gap, as their love story won over so many viewers.

Unfortunately, two years later, it is now over … and Michael and Juliana both have a lot to say about it.

“Today is only our second wedding anniversary and, sadly, our last,” Michael Jessen began on Instagram.

“Our marriage is a Covid-19 casualty that will not be showing up in any statistics,” he shared.

“Thankfully,” Michael wrote, “you are quickly emerging healthier and stronger than ever.”

“Some of the rest of us will likely be staying in intensive care for quite some time,” Michael wrote.

“Your experiences in life have developed in you a resilience, self-reliance, and independence,” he praised.

It is this combination of Juliana’s virtues “that allows you to survive, and even thrive, under almost any circumstance.”

“You also possess a natural and an incredibly beautiful joy, happiness, and positivity,” Michael noted.

It was this combo “that made me fall in love with you the first time we were ever together.”

Michael continued: “Those of us who truly know you realize that the beauty inside of you is even more incredible than your beauty on the outside.”

“I understand how our situation throughout the pandemic could slowly, and eventually completely, drain you of these qualities,” Michael expressed.

“All of us were completely drained by the end of it,” he acknowledged.

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“And,” Michael confessed, “I did not maintain the strength of mind and the fortitude to be the husband that you wanted me to be.”

“The stress and the pressure of providing for everyone got the better of me,” Michael admitted.

“And,” he added, “I did not take care of myself.”

Michael then acknowledged: “All along, I failed to recognize that you were there for me.”

“I do not blame you for wanting to leave and for desiring a new start,” Michael told Juliana.

“You are more suited for the life that you had before we met,” he observed.

“And,” Michael wrote, “I can understand why you would want to return.”

“Your happiness is more important to me than me being a part of your unhappiness,” Michael affirmed.

“My love for you remains true and will always be there for you,” he wrote.

“I am happy that you have moved on,” Michael continued, “and have quickly found someone new.”

“I hope that you will have lasting love and happiness and achieve every dream that you set out upon,” Michael expressed.

“If anyone can do it, it is you, and I will always be rooting for you,” he stressed.

“I will remain with you,” Michael vowed, “in the wonderful memories that we shared together.”

In her own post, uploaded in screenshots to her Instagram, Juliana Custodio wrote her own thoughts on the split.

“You pointed the COVID-19 as one of the reasons we are not longer together,” she wrote to Michael.

“But,” Juliana continued, “we all know that there are more than that.”

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