Naomie Olindo of Southern Charm, 28, got fillers and Botox and shared photos


I don’t watch Southern Charm, but Naomie Olindo, 28, was on up until last season. My friend Briana told me that Naomi “seemed a little too try hard to stay interesting” and that “her relationship with Craig was SO toxic and annoying,” but that was just how Craig is. I’m covering Naomi because she shared before and after photos on her Instagram stories of getting Botox and fillers in her jawline and cheeks. We actually covered her in 2018 when she got a nose job and was open about that too. This woman is 28 years old and looked lovely before, so I don’t get it. This was probably comped and/or sponsored by the esthetician. Naomi posted this on her Instagram stories but it’s no longer available so I’m using People’s writeup. Naomie’s current stories are sponcon posts from Mexico, where she’s on vacation with friends. Of course she is. She did make the point that people shouldn’t be ashamed about Botox and fillers and that it’s a personal choice. I agree with that.

Sharing a series of posts on her Instagram Story, according to Bravo, Olindo opened up about the changes she underwent, writing, “Y’all know I hate it when people try to judge about Botox/fillers.”

“It is absolutely okay to do exactly what you want to do and not be ashamed about it,” she added, also including before and after shots of her side profile after a visit to aesthetic medicine physician assistant, Cameron Moskos.

In another post, Olindo thanked Moskos for the work she did, noting, “Such a subtle and natural difference on my jawline.”

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Noting that the pair “discussed her aesthetic goals and decided on a plan that included using dermal filler to enhance her cheeks, chin, and jawline,” Moskos added, “Oh, and of course a little Botox sprinkle!”

[From People]

Again, she looked great before. Many women who get Botox and fillers at a young age end up looking older because they get that homogenous look. However she made a good case that this is something we chose for ourselves. Plus it sounds like she’s happy with it. We’re all hopefully about to get vaccinated, although judging by her vacation to Mexico I doubt she’s taking covid seriously. The Moderna vaccine can cause facial swelling in people with fillers. Is she just going to wait until she can get Pfizer or one of the other vaccines that are hopefully approved soon? It just surprises me when women get this done so young, but we have a lot of options now to change our looks. Many people can get paid to do it too.

Look she went to the DNC but she doesn’t affiliate with any particularly party, ok? At least she picked the right one to be photographed at.

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It looks like she’s been traveling quite a bit.

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