Piers Morgan Whines: Megan Markle is a LIAR Who Canceled Me!

Piers morgan whines megan markle is a liar who canceled me

For years, Piers Morgan served as a blight on the concept of journalism itself.

Then, last month, the odious provocateur rage-quit Good Morning Britain after accusing Meghan Markle of lying.

Sadly, his life long battle with an inability to shut the eff up did not go away.

Piers is once again badmouthing Meghan on television, doubling down on his accusations that she’s lying.

If you’re addicted to attention and incapable of blasting your bad takes to anyone who will listen, where do you turn?

If you’re willing to decry “cancel culture” and are in a one-sided feud against a Black woman, why not the world’s largest platform for white supremacy.

Come to think of it, Piers Morgan’s mindless reactionary nonsense was already a perfect fit for Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation streaming app program.

To no one’s surprise, Piers’ bad faith conversation to the perpetually bewildered puffin that is Tucker Carlson did not include an apology.

“I still don’t believe what they were saying and in particular I don’t believe what Meghan Markle said,” Piers doubled down.

He went on to claim that that numerous statements by Meghan and Harry didn’t pan out.

Piers insisted that 17 of their claims “have now been proven to either be completely untrue or massively exaggerated or unprovable.”

Those are, for the record, three very different categories conspicuously lumped into one to inflate the number.

Also for the record, Meghan can prove her statements if she ever has to.

Piers did at least acknowledge: “it’s not for me to say that she felt suicidal, that’s not for me to know”

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He did then express that he doubted that she met with members of the royal household to discuss her mental health.

Similarly, Piers doubted that her desire to seek treatment was rebuffed by the firm.

One of the most jarring parts of Meghan’s interview was the revelation that there was a “conversation” about Archie’s skin tone.

“If you’re going to accuse someone of racism, then you better put up some facts,” Piers scolded.

Obviously, Piers would have been furious if she had named names.

It’s also hard to imagine him believing any evidence.

Remember, this is coming from a man who insisted that a father carrying his child in a papoose was somehow heralding the downfall of civilization.

And yet he had the audacity to critique Oprah Winfrey as an interviewer.

“My problem with this whole interview was these incredibly damaging allegations were tossed out there,” he griped.

“And,” Piers whined, “none of them were challenged properly.”

In other words, since it wasn’t secretly a roast of Meghan Markle, Oprah didn’t do it right.

There were reports that Meghan personally filed an ITV complaint against Piers, though of course she was not alone.

Piers then whined: “I should be able to be a journalist and question the veracity of those statements.”

This, of course, from the man who stormed off the set when a colleague called him out on his obvious bias.

Piers Morgan also took issue with notorious racist Sharon Osbourne’s recent departure from The Talk after years of abhorrent behavior.

Sharon had passionately and wrongly defended Piers and then apologized.

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