Prince Charles & William are trying to take credit for pushing out Prince Andrew

Duke of York, Prince Andrew continues to get probed about his involvement with the Jeffery Epstein case! **FILE PHOTOS**

Always keep this in mind: if Prince Andrew had successfully gotten Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit dismissed, he would still be an HRH, he would still have all of his royal patronages, he would still have all of his military assignments and he would still be mummy’s favorite. In fact, if Virginia had not sued Andrew, he would still be telling everyone that he can come back to royal life, and he would be plotting his comeback. The palace yanking Andrew’s HRH and patronages has nothing to do with the actual crimes he committed, nor does it have anything to do with his years-long friendships with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. All of this has happened because Virginia *made* it happen, because she wouldn’t give up in her search for justice and answers. So please, allow Prince Charles, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth to take a victory lap around the British media, like they were so bold and decisive:

Ruthless royals: Palace sources said the ‘ruthless and swift’ decision had been ‘widely discussed’ within the Royal Family following Andrew’s failed bid to persuade a judge to dismiss the civil lawsuit in which he is accused of having sex with a trafficking victim. Prince Charles and his son William are understood to have been ‘instrumental’ in the move to force him out before the Queen made up her mind on Wednesday, straight after the court verdict. ‘This is about the survival of the institution at all costs. Always has been and always will be,’ a senior palace source said.

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Andrew was summoned: Andrew was yesterday summoned for a 90-minute meeting with his mother at Windsor Castle – and was accompanied by his personal lawyer, Gary Bloxsome, who drove with him from his nearby home, Royal Lodge. But Mr Bloxsome, who was employed by the prince to orchestrate his fight back against Virginia Roberts’ allegations of rape and sexual assault, was unable to enter the royal residence and was left sitting in the car, castle insiders revealed.

They have no idea what William said or did: Prince William was at Windsor Castle on Wednesday to conduct an investiture on behalf of his grandmother and would have spoken to her personally as well.

Ah, yes, the Sussex Model: A well-placed palace source said the Queen and her advisers had decided to follow ‘the same model’ of effective banishment with Andrew as she had with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. ‘They have taken this decision to insulate the institution from being hit by all the shrapnel that is flying around,’ they added. ‘It follows the same model as the Sussex separation. The removal of titles and patronages means the institution can now legitimately say it is not involved. It was a ruthless and swift decision which will have been recommended by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge and sanctioned by the Queen.’

This is insane: Other sources said the decision would have ‘pained’ the Queen enormously, given …read more

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