Priscilla Presley Designed Elvis’ Famous TCB Necklace

All through his lifetime, famous singer Elvis Presley had numerous memorable catchphrases. Having said that, outsiders didn’t know several of his slogans and “secret language” like his shut-knit team of workforce and enterprise associates, generally referred to as the Memphis Mafia.

A person of the renowned phrases Elvis generally reported was “Taking Treatment of Company,” abbreviated TCB. Lovers frequently saw the singer carrying a necklace with the letters TCB. Not too long ago, his ex-wife Priscilla Presley shared the necklace’s origin, revealing she developed the famed piece.

Priscilla Presley intended Elvis Presley’s legendary necklace

Priscilla and Elvis were being what some could possibly get in touch with soulmates. The pair fulfilled in West Germany, where by the singer was stationed. They retained in touch, and pretty much a ten years later, Elvis popped the dilemma. He asked the then-20-12 months-outdated Priscilla to marry him with a a few-carat diamond.

Priscilla and Elvis were together for a although, but issues started souring when Elvis went on tour. This led to an affair involving Priscilla and her karate teacher. That, coupled with Elvis’s countless dalliances with other females, finally led to the collapse of their marriage.

Nonetheless, they remained good friends, and Priscilla holds the singer in superior regard to this day. In a current job interview with Vanity Reasonable, the businesswoman shared the origin of a person of Elvis’s legendary items: the TCB necklace.

Priscilla said, “I basically created the TCB necklace. We have been on a plane likely to Memphis a single day and he claimed to me that he needed to have some thing for the fellas that built it just for the fellas. A piece of jewellery for TCB specially and he desired a thing built for it.”

“As we had been flying, it begun to rain and as it rained, a lightning bolt came throughout the sky and I looked at it and I drew a lightning bolt and then I set the TCB ideal on it. And then I mentioned to him, ‘Is this what you suggest?’ And he appeared at it and he said ‘This is it. This is what I want.’ And the rest is heritage.”

The businesswoman didn’t consider the necklace would turn into a substantial piece of pop lifestyle. Priscilla explained, “Who understood that it would be as huge as it is. I indicate certainly.” In the end, she regretted not obtaining a patent on it.

Elvis Presley’s bodyguard stated the singer experienced the necklace made for all people in his entourage
The TCB 18kt Gold Necklace owned by Elvis Presley | Jason Kempin/Getty Visuals

Elvis is known for remaining generous to individuals near to him, frequently gifting high-priced vehicles and other things. According to Sonny West, Elvis’s previous bodyguard, Priscilla and Elvis arrived up with the TCB symbol. Then, they enlisted the support of a Beverly Hills jeweler to carry …read more

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