Queen Elizabeth, 94, refused to wear a mask for her first public event in 7 months

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Queen Elizabeth II stepped out today for her first public event since March. Petty Betty has been doing “events” in the past seven months, but they’ve just been speeches from Windsor Castle, a handful of appearances at the castle (like her stupid Trooping parade) and a couple of Zoom calls. She traveled to Salisbury with Prince William, and they paid a visit to the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory.

So for her first big appearance in public in seven months, the Queen chose to… go maskless. This petty B is 94 years old and she’s been isolated in the HMS Bubble at great expense, with dozens (if not hundreds) of security staff and household staff having to spend a great deal of time isolated from their families just so they can keep the Queen safe. And then she wanders out for her first public event maskless. William refused to wear a mask as well. According to various royal reporters, the Queen “consulted” with her doctors, and she’s had recent negative covid tests, as have the staff at the DSTL.

I’m a broken record, I know. British people are always screaming that I’m a dumb American who doesn’t understand the rules and regulations in other countries regarding mask mandates. I get that every country is doing their own thing re: masks. But I will say again and again: every royal person, regardless of age, has a duty and responsibility to role model mask-wearing, regardless of what the particulars are in those countries. Mask mandates and mask-wearing are saving lives. It is deeply irresponsible, tone-deaf and yes, despicable, for both the Queen and Prince William to appear maskless at her first public event in seven months.

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