Raygan From ‘Below Deck Med’ Was Too Hungover to Work – Now She’s on Captain Sandy’s ‘Radar’ [Exclusive]


Along with the rest of the crew, bosun Raygan Tyler partied a little too hard on a Below Deck Mediterranean crew night out.

The next day, Tyler was seen in hangover hell in her cabin while the rest of the crew flipped the boat in anticipation of the guests’ arrival in a few hours. She was seen laying in bed and vomiting while her deck team tried to assemble until Captain Sandy Yawn learned what happened to her bosun.

During a chat about why she loves her Maui Jim sunglasses, Yawn told Showbiz Cheat Sheet this was not the first time in her career when a crew member stayed in bed with a hangover. And while not optimal, Yawn gave Tyler a little grace.

Raygan’s hangover was on Captain Sandy’s radar on ‘Below Deck Med’

“Has having a crew member down because of a hangover ever happened to me before in my career? Of course,” Yawn said. But once she spoke with Mzi “Zee” Dempers and found out Tyler was hurting, she didn’t think twice about just pitching and helping the team prepare the boat.

Captain Sandy Yawn | Laurent Basset/Bravo

“So I just walked back there and I helped them set up the toys,” she recalled. And while Yawn didn’t lay into Tyler she said, “It was on my radar. But I like to give everybody an opportunity to redeem themselves.”

Captain Sandy wanted Raygan to own her behavior

During an earlier episode, Tyler revealed that she and her mother hit the clubs and that sometimes her mother carries her home and sometimes she carries her mother home after a booze-fueled night.

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The crew noticed that Tyler was “knackered” when they arrived back on the boat but Tyler quietly went to bed.

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The next day the entire crew felt pain from the night before, but Tyler couldn’t seem to get out of bed and get to work like everyone else. “Where’s the bosun?” Yawn said as she scanned the deck.

During the preference sheet meeting, Yawn asked Tyler where she’d been. When Tyler said was sick, Yawn replied, “That’s called a hangover.” Tyler tried to play it off that she was sick with something else but Yawn didn’t buy it. “Naw, it’s alcohol,” Yawn said. “Don’t kid yourself.”

“When you’re in charge of a deck crew, the last thing you wanna do on the second charter is show them that you’re incapacitated with a hangover,” Yawn said in a confessional. “It’s OK to go out and have fun. But you need to bring it the next day.”

Raygan isn’t the first ‘Below Deck’ crew member to let alcohol interfere with work

Tyler eventually rallied, especially after Yawn told her that she’d be pretty mad if the deck team didn’t get every water toy out.

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