Roger Federer is out of Wimbledon & England is out of the World Cup

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Let me adjust my sports-blogging chapeau. *tilts fedora* There we go. Wednesday was an insane day to be a sports fan. Whoever scheduled the World Cup for the same weeks as Wimbledon needs to have their heads examined! What kills me a little bit is that after this coming Sunday, there’s barely anything happening in sports for weeks!! Granted, tennis fans have the American hard court swing to look forward to in about three weeks… so why couldn’t the World Cup be delayed a week or two again? I’m sure there’s an answer, maybe even a good one, but I feel sorry for the English fans especially, having to choose between their prestigious tennis tournament and football.

So what happened? You know how I’ve been watching the World Cup? I time it so I come in on the last ten minutes of certain matches. So it was with the England v. Croatia match. I saw the scoreline hours beforehand, when England scored a very early goal. So I was surprised when I turned on the last few minutes and saw that Croatia was up 2 to 1 on England. That’s how the match ended too. Croatia v. France in the final. From what I understand (not a lot, to be frank), Croatia had an amazing team and they were just hyper-vigilant and tough. I’m sorry, Three Lions, that football is not coming home. You had an amazing run and you lifted the spirits of millions of fans. Prince William tweeted again:

I know how disappointed @england must feel right now but I couldn’t be more proud of this team and you should hold your heads high. You’ve had an incredible #WorldCup, made history, and gave us fans something to believe in. We know there is more to come from this @england team. W

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) July 11, 2018

Meanwhile, over at Wimbledon, there was a different kind of massacre. Roger Federer was the defending champion, the favorite and the #1 seed (even though he’s #2 in the world). He was the one with the cushy, easy draw. And he lost in a five-set epic to South African Kevin Anderson. Big KANDO was the US Open finalist last year, so it’s not like he came out of nowhere, but I’m always surprised, whenever I watch his matches, at just how good he is. He’s obviously a giant (he’s like 6’10”), and he can serve his way out of a lot of problems, but he has a surprisingly well-rounded game for a big guy. He has a good backhand, a solid forehand, and he was holding his own in a lot of rallies. He was the only player to break Federer’s serve the entire tournament, and it was a huge day for him for a lot …read more

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