Scheana Shay: Screw Quarantine, I’m Gonna Party with Friends!

Scheana marie in shades

Most of us enjoy watching a bunch of slightly dumb, slightly hot people and their messy lives.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to the general state of tone deaf cluelessness exhibited by the cast of Vanderpump Rules.

Over the weekend, Scheana Shay tweeted an invite to her friends to come “quarantine” with her.

The correct term is self-isolation and you cannot, by definition, do it by visiting someone else’s house.

Not unless you’re moving into their house until this global pandemic is at an end, anyway.

To make matters worse, Scheana doubled down, insisting that she was going to go out and live her life no matter what anybody says.

As the tweets show you, she did get seriously schooled on what’s going on, but that doesn’t make the initial tweets any less disappointing.

1. Oh, Scheana

On Saturday, March 14, Scheana got herself into major trouble with her own followers for tweeting something so irresponsible that even Vanderpump Rules fans were shocked.

2. Who wants to have a plague party?!?

Scheana Shay invited friends to join her in “quarantine” in Palm Springs. Folks, not only is Palm Springs a vastly overrated desert hellscape, but you can’t invite people over for “quarantine.” You can’t invite people over for what people are actually doing, which is self-isolation. (Quarantine is when a doctor tells you to remain in medical isolation; self-isolation and social distancing are just using common sense to stay home and not invite friends over)

3. Obviously, people were furious

If Scheana had just said that she was “joking,” that would have been one thing. People could have replied that this isn’t the time for it. But in the exact same tweet that she claims that she was being “lighthearted,” Scheana also insists that she didn’t actually do anything wrong … because she thinks that a bunch of “healthy” people in one place is fine, actually.

4. In fact, she outright refuses to practice safe isolation

Scheana declared that she was not going to “hiberate” for weeks. Even though not leaving the house is literally the easiest thing in the world for a young, healthy, affluent reality star, she apparently just couldn’t be bothered.

5. She can do what she wants!

Channeling the energy of all of the stupid bad takes that we’ve all seen in recent days, Scheana then insisted that nothing — not even a global pandemic with a nearly 10% death rate in Italy — is going to stop her from living her life.

6. She just didn’t get it

Scheana then gave a sarcastic apology while still clearly not understanding why you can’t self isolate TOGETHER with a group of friends. (To be clear, you sort of can, but it means that all 15 of you or whatever have to stay in the house for weeks, like you’re on Big Brother)

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