Shailene Woodley’s Infamous Haircut Induced Cancer Speculation

Shailene Woodley rcoks a pixie cut on the red carpet

Shailene Woodley has certainly played a good deal of figures all through the program of her career. The California indigenous was only 5 yrs previous when she began acting. And Woodley isn’t scared to commit to a purpose. She’s undergone a ton of bodily transformations for the sake of her roles. She when minimal her diet regime to 350 calories a day to drop pounds for a position. For an additional portion, she cut off all of her hair.

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Back again in 2014, Woodley starred in The Fault in Our Stars. In the film, Woodley portrayed Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager with a terminal kind of thyroid most cancers. Centered on the eponymous e-book by John Environmentally friendly, the motion picture by now had a built-in supporter base. Woodley herself was a enthusiast of the e book. In fact, she was so taken with the novel that she reached out to the writer to gush about the people and the world he produced prior to currently being forged.

Shailene Woodley wrote John Inexperienced a letter about ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

In an job interview with Vainness Honest, Green recalled Woodley achieving out to him. “She wrote me a long—very long—e-mail prior to the movie legal rights even sold,” the creator remembered. “I recall staying type of confused by it, for the reason that it was so very long and so constructive, and she was so relentless in her certainty that she must enjoy Hazel.”

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But just because Inexperienced was pulling for Woodley to get the section does not mean it was handed to her. The Endings, Beginnings star nonetheless had to audition for the function. Josh Boone, who directed The Fault in Our Stars, recalled that Woodley presented him with a relatively unorthodox first impression. “She was this sort of a bizarre, attention-grabbing man or woman,” Boone shared about Woodley. “She talks about health and is really passionate about what she believes I was not sure what to make of her.”

The ‘Endings, Beginnings’ actor reworked herself into the character, Hazel

Nevertheless, in her audition, Woodley was equipped to completely transform herself into the character of Hazel. “She was the character, Hazel. She was not at all the girl I had fulfilled the night just before.” Of system, Woodley’s transformation didn’t commence and close with her audition. Immediately after she secured the purpose she remodeled into the character physically. As Hazel was a person who was sick and experienced gone as a result of chemotherapy, Woodley slice off her hair and lost some muscle mass mass.

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Apparently more than enough, cutting her hair for The Fault in Our Stars induced people in true existence to think the actor was ill. In the …read more

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