Should CBS Retire the Expertise Is Electric power Edge?


Survivor entered a “new era” when time 41 premiered on CBS in 2021. Host Jeff Probst defined that the castaways and the audience ought to “drop the four, hold the one” when referring to Survivor Time 41. It was a model-new game that highlighted a shortened working day span, much less means, intense challenges, and new twists. Even so, 1 of the strengths has been significantly less than thriving — Understanding Is Ability.

James Jones | Image: CBS
What is the Know-how Is Electricity gain in ‘Survivor’ on CBS?

Survivor released the Know-how Is Energy edge in the course of period 41 on CBS. By getting it, a player can question one more castaway at Tribal Council if they have an immunity idol or advantage. They have to response truthfully, and if they have an idol or gain, they have to give it to the castaway who has Information Is Electric power.

The castaway have to make the most of Awareness Is Power ahead of the votes are forged at Tribal Council. And if they never use it correctly, the gain becomes void.

In the very last a few seasons of Survivor, not a single particular person has effectively utilised Awareness Is Electrical power.

In time 41, Liana Wallace acquired the advantage through a summit. But she spilled the beans to Tiffany Seely soon after the merge, and Tiffany shared the info with Evvie Jagoda and Xander Hastings. Figuring out that Liana required to use Know-how Is Electrical power to just take Xander’s immunity idol, Xander gave it to Tiffany in advance of Tribal Council. And when Liana attempted to get it from him, he honestly relayed that he did not have an idol.

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In period 42, Drea Wheeler found the Expertise Is Electrical power edge. And sadly, the same detail happened. She told Omar Zaheer about her energy, and he utilized the facts to vote her out. Omar knew she would attempt to take Mike Turner’s idol, so he persuaded Mike to give it to him prior to Tribal Council. There, Drea asked Mike if he had an idol. He claimed no, and they despatched her packing.

In season 43, Geo Bustamante and James Jones obtained separate Know-how Is Electric power strengths. Neither was secretive about it, and their tribemates voted them out ahead of they could use the edge.” src=”” frameborder=”” enable=”accelerometer autoplay clipboard-write encrypted-media gyroscope picture-in-photo” allowfullscreen>

Why the new edge has a -% success price

Soon after a few Survivor seasons on CBS, the Know-how Is Energy benefit has a zero-% results level. Not the moment has a castaway utilized it correctly, and it has normally led to them finding voted out. So what are they carrying out wrong?

The remedy is obvious, and it is just one that viewers are repeatedly yelling at their screens — prevent telling other people today that you have the advantage! It is all in the title “Information Is Electric power.” Yes, …read more

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