‘Sister Wives’ Admirers Find Robyn Brown’s Use of the Phrase ‘Lazy’ Pertaining to Other Wives ‘Ironic’


Period 17 of TLC’s Sister Wives has shaped up to be one particular of the most divisive in the series’ heritage. Followers are sharing their views extra than at any time pertaining to the Brown household, and social media has come to be their position. Some supporters come across Robyn Brown‘s use of the word “lazy” really “ironic” concerning her sister wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri.

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The word ‘lazy’ is how the household categorizes each and every other

In the course of 17 seasons of Sister Wives, the Browns have causally tossed about the word “lazy” pertaining to household associates. For every Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the adjective indicates “disinclined to action or exertion: not energetic or vigorous.”

Throughout time 16, Kody Brown used the word lazy to explain Janelle. She had resistance to next his self-imposed and demanding COVID-19 protocols. “Are you too lazy to do a number of chores?” he questioned of Janelle’s reluctance to adhere to his procedures during a confessional.

Meri, in switch, alluded to the reality that Kody was “lazy” when doing the job on the complications in their relationship. She expressed stress that Kody didn’t fight difficult more than enough for his failed two marriages. 

“You really do not treatment plenty of to struggle for her. Naturally, you do not treatment ample to battle for me,” Meri said in a solo interview, speaking right to Kody about her and Christine. “And I don’t understand that.” 

Robyn made use of the term in time 17 when describing plural marriage, stating “cause you cannot be lazy” about it.

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‘Sister Wives’ lovers obtain Robyn’s use of the term ‘lazy’ to explain her sister wives ‘ironic’

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In a Reddit publish, some viewers fans identified Robyn’s use of the phrase “lazy” in describing her sister wives “ironic” as she seems to add the the very least to the family members.

“It’s ironic they the two use the concept of laziness to explain the other sister wives. The reality is there is a whole lot much more proof to demonstrate Robyn’s laziness. No job outdoors of filming. Never ever observing her cooking throughout family members gatherings, the nannies, Kody needing to enable her,” wrote just one supporter.

“I feel it most likely started among the wives. Almost certainly when Kody was freshly married to Janelle and Meri, and the ladies experienced diverse thoughts in the residence they shared,” a 2nd viewer summarized.

“I imagine there is in all probability a go-to phrase for all of them to set people in their spot and dismiss them,” claimed a third Reddit user. They utilised ‘Princess’ for Christine considering the fact that she is mild-hearted and delicate and throws that in her deal with each time she asks for things or has an feeling.”

The enthusiast ongoing, “Meri’s new term is the sufferer. Her go-to reaction to every thing she’s asked on …read more

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